Manhattan Beach

February 1, 2007 at 12:39 pm (Uncategorized)

We spent the weekend before the cruise in lovely Manhattan Beach, CA.

We loved, loved, loved it there! We stayed at a very trendy little hotel about 5 blocks from the beach.

The hotel was amazing. I’d read online that it wasn’t worth the money – but I completely disagree. The room was beautiful, with blue textured wallpaper and everything coordinating with it. My only complaint was white bedding. Who are they kidding? I have toddlers!! Buggy spilled every drink he could get his hands on. Brody brought back at least a yard of sand from the beach. I was mortified! I especially loved it when the boys ran up and down the hallways first thing in the morning. I’m sure our hotel guests adored us!!

While enjoying lovely SCAL, I shopped for new swimwear. It wasn’t as traumatic as I thought. I even bought 2!! Both of them are tankinis – one is brown – the other black. We ate dinner at a restaurant with cloth napkins! I know! We were offered (and accepted) wine with dinner. So what if the boys colored on the napkins and we used them to sop up red wine, we still had a proper dinner out.

We went down to SCAL early so that I could participate in an online blackjack tournament. It appears I have a lot to learn about tournament play. I was eliminated because I wasn’t betting aggresively enough. It’s okay – I need the practice. The next tournament qualifies people for a chance at a tournament in Paris! France! I know!

While enjoying the lovely beach I bought Evan his birthday gifts. We ended up getting him Small Paul shirts and board shorts. Lucky it was Evan’s birthday and not Brody’s because we didn’t end up getting a cake – and his presents weren’t wrapped. Brody would have had a fit – but Evan was all “just give me monkey!”

While on the beach, we played in the sand and surf, we collected sea shells. Brody has share day at school tomorrow, so I’m trying to figure out a way to display the shells and pictures. Wish me luck!!


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