My parents are visiting! My parents are visiting!

March 6, 2007 at 10:50 am (Uncategorized)

After years of negotiations, my parents are gracing us with a visit in May. Hooray! My children will stop crying for them and they will have fulfilled 1 of the 2 promised visits per year.

Of course, I have emailed my grocery list. It’s quite simple – she brings the goods or I don’t let her in the door. I am raising her grandchildren! She owes ME! ha!

On the list… beet pickles. homemade. Ketchup chips. lays brand. Hot pickled peppers. Bics please. and cheez whiz. balk at me if you will, but Mac & Cheese tastes better with a bit of the whiz. Plus, I’m addicted – plain and simple. I don’t care if it is one ingredient away from being plastic. I like it. There are worse things to be addicted to.

We’ve decided that they will stay in the boys room and the boys will sleep on our floor. They love sleeping on the floor – especially in mommy’s room. Mom can have the top bunk (I’m not joking) and my Dad can have the bottom. My dad is an early riser and mom is a light sleeper – so this arrangement works for both of them.

I love it when my parents visit. My house is clean when I get home, my children and husband get fed regular meals with a variety of food groups involved. Never is it just mac & cheese for dinner, there is a meat and vegetable included! I know! Plus, my mom hates to see piles of laundry everywhere – so she makes it her own personal mission to catch me up on all the laundry. I have promised myself that I won’t let the laundry pile up for months before their visit.

My father will probably clean our garage. So, he’ll putter around – throwing things out that are useless but that Michael and I can’t bring ourselves to part with. It doesn’t matter, we never miss the items anyway. It’s better if my dad does it – there’s no emotional attachment to the item. He’ll rearrange our pantry, mom will defrost the freezer (we’ve owned it 3 years and we can barely close the door from all the ice), she’ll throw away old frozen food that we’ve forgotten about. She’ll make a list of food to replenish the freezer. My dad is the shopper, he’ll make several trips (per day) to the grocery store down the street. Buying 4 of the same thing because it’s on sale. We still have diet Sprite from their last visit 2 years ago. They will ply our children with sugar and junk food – but take full responsibility for them when they go insane from sugar overdose. A million pictures will be snapped, cupboards will be cleaned, baseboards and windows will be washed. All because my parents don’t like to be bored. It’s going to be great!

My dad loves to be the foreman. He loves giving orders and directing people while he watches the outcome. He’ll tell us the best way to clean something and then give orders for the next task. I must admit that I am slightly happy about this because we might actually have a clean backyard! Right now, it looks like squatters live in my house and use the backyard as their personal dump. There are pieces of wood from a fence recently built, leftover pieces from a playset that we put up. Chewed up pieces of sprinkler system (thank you Sasha), plants ripped out of the ground (again, Sasha), little tiny pieces of wood everywhere (Sasha) that have been chewed to bits. I think I might even rent a dumpster – our garbage can won’t be able to hold all the stuff we’re going to throw away! It’s going to be great!

I’m hoping we might even have new landscaping in or maybe some sod. My parents hate being bored and I can’t possibly amuse them for 2 whole weeks!! Weeding the garden and mowing the lawn are fun! Maybe if I just really talk it up! Make it seem like fun! Add a lot of exclamation marks! And a really high pitched voice! They’ll want to help! It works on the children… 🙂

I’m really looking forward to their visit. I just hope we can all fit in our little house. And of course, if they just feel like laying around, that will be great too!


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