BIG weekend at the BIG slide park – it’s BIG BIG BIG

March 25, 2007 at 9:50 pm (Uncategorized)

Here at our home on the range, we are always interested in new and exciting activities for Brody and Evan.  We had taken them to the “big slide park” previously, but the big slide scared the crap out of them.  Daddy had to work on Saturday, so I decided that I would take the boys to the park.  They were excited! that mommy! was going to the park!!  Something Mommy stays away from because I like the quiet that surrounds our abode when all boys are playing.

Brody wasn’t sure about the big slide park, but he knew that he needed cardboard!  Lots of cardboard!  Because the big slide is much faster if your bottom is on some cardboard.  You see, the big slide is made of very very smooth concrete.  Sweat pants or baseball uniforms are a desirable clothing while sliding down the big slide. 

We call it the big slide park for a very good reason…

The BIG Slide park

The boys had a great time.  Brody ran out of the car, with his cardboard in hand, headed straight for the slide and sat down on the cardboard.  He then proceeded to fly (at the speed of light) down the slide, did a few 360’s and ended up landing on his bum.  Being Brody, he got up – threw the cardboard to the ground and climbed the stairs for his next run.  Without the cardboard.  He also cautioned his little brother against the cardboard, even though Evan persisted and actually carried the cardboard up the stairs in hopes of using it. 

Evan is a big chicken.  He “talks” big – but that’s all it is.  He’s got no game.  I love him dearly – but he’s not as daring as Brody.  I ended up climbing the stairs roughly 40 times yesterday just so that I could accompany Evan down the slide. 

My boys are sweet little boys and I found myself bossing other kids a lot yesterday.  This is one of the reasons we don’t go to this park a lot.  The idea is, lots of families come to this park and have picnics, etc – they play volleyball, have cookouts, and play with their children.  The intention is there and it is good.  What usually happens though, is the parents spend all of their time having beers with their friends – telling very loud boisterous stories, leaving the actual supervision of their children to the suckers who are on the playground.  So I (along with several other moms) find ourselves coordinating these children so that they don’t fight, hit, swear, endanger or dismember our children – or themselves.  I put a lot of effort into carrying those boys for 9 months (each!), raising them, feeding them, clothing them.  I am not about to have some sassy 10 year old push them down the slide head first just because they are in a rush and can’t wait for my boys to lock their legs and slide down together (which is super sweet because they also wrap their arms around each other!).  I am also not about to let some little brat swear in front of them, stand on the bottom of the slide – only jumping out of the way at the last minute to avoid oncoming sliders, climb up the slide while people are waiting at the top, sliding down on their shoes… the list goes on.  Today I heard this little… I’m trying to be nice … BRAT swearing at her friend, calling her fat and stupid.  It took all of my will power to NOT walk over there and lay into her – but I figure what goes around comes around and she’ll get hers.  All in good time my friend.  All in good time.

I try to raise my childen to be good people.  Of course, they are boys – so they are a tad energetic.  Okay maniacal.  But, they’ll listen to their elders, they will not push in front of other people (their brother is fair game though), and they usually use their manners.  I want to be able to take my children anywhere at any time and not hear through the grapevine (YOU know the grapevine) that they were horrible little buggars.  I want people to like my children.  I can honestly say that there wasn’t one child at that park yesterday that I actually enjoyed. 

Anyway, we will continue to go to the big slide park because my boys love it.  It also wears them out like you wouldn’t believe.  50 times up the stairs really wears you out.


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  1. Zoot said,

    I do NOT go down the BIG slides. My son mocks me for this.

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