Spring Cleaning

March 27, 2007 at 12:03 pm (Uncategorized)

Why?  Can anyone please tell me why I actually feel the NEED to do a spring cleaning on my house?  I find that I can’t stop myself from organizing, reorganizing, wiping baseboards, cleaning cupboards, reorganizing bedrooms, etc blah blah blah.  I’d much rather be doing a craft (i have so many projects on the go right now) or reading a book – or lounging on the couch – but NO… here I am reorganizing my boys’ room because I NEED to. 

Spring Cleaning has never had this power on me prior to becoming a mother and wife.  I could go for years at a time – never feeling the need to clean.  Ask my mom – she’ll confirm that I don’t like cleaning – that I’ve never felt compelled to clean.  Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t living in a dump – I’d do what was necessary.  So why after all these years do I NEED to spring clean? 

Since Michael and I work full time – I have hired a housekeeper to come in every two weeks and give my house the once over.  She does way more than I ever could and she does it so well!  I doubt she could pass my mom’s white glove test – but she’s good enough for Michael and I.   Yesterday I found myself saying “gosh, I should clean the windows!”  Uh… are you kidding??  Again, my mom can attest – I have never said that in my life!  I keep referencing my mom here because she’s the one who listed the household chores for my brother and I while we were growing up.  She’s the reason I actually know how to clean stuff.  I can’t say she chose the chores properly because my brother is allergic to dust and she had Bob dust the house – but still – she was our clean teacher.  The woman with the white glove.  I remember cleaning the upstairs bathroom 5 times because it couldn’t pass inspection.  I think she’s probably the reason I hate cleaning.  (sorry mom).  I am happy that she taught me to clean – I think that is super important.

So last night, I convinced Michael to help me reorganize the boys bedroom.  He was surprisingly easy to convince becase he always gets the short end of the stick in these projects – especially if they happen INSIDE the house.  He’s there purely to assist me and for the heavy work.   I tend to be the foreman – delegating jobs to him faster than he can keep up and getting angry when he’s forgotten what to do next – even though I told him 5 times already.  We worked hard though and I’m so proud of us – we were able to occupy the boys in the front room allowing us to get rid of a lot of toys (don’t tell the boys!) and moving things out of their room so that they have an actual place to play.  Hooray!

I moved a bookcase out of their rooms purely because I had to pull Brody off of it about 20 times already.  It’s a tall bookcase, made of very heavy wood – with very heavy shelves.  So heavy they could crush a 4 year old and his brother in the blink of an eye.  I had to find a place for all of the items the bookcase housed (a demanding task at best).  Michael and I thought we had secured the bookcase to the wall so that it couldn’t tip but were surprised to find out last night that the screws had actually pulled out of the wall and were no where to be found.  Comforting thought isn’t it? 

I don’t have photos of the end result (or before shots either) because I was angry at Michael last night for not cooking supper correctly (I really have to let some things go!) and only had one thought on my head – which was “clean house now.”  Plus, I am famous for taking pictures and then leaving them on the camera for like 2 years – then never remembering why I took the picture in the first place.  So I saved myself 2 years last night.  Anyway, the end result is just amazing.  The place looks bigger!!  And Brody walked in and said “wow, it smells clean in here!” 

 Now, I just have to talk Michael into painting their room. 


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  1. Mom said,

    So I see the spring cleaning bug/gene has firmly rooted itself into place. I had the same overwhelming urge at work yesterday. I walked into our kitchen & proceeded to throw out old magazines, phone books and other non-essential garbage. Then I decided the cupboards were dirty so they had to be wiped out. This was all in the 10 minutes before we started work.
    Well I can see my job is done.

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