hiking sidenote

April 24, 2007 at 4:08 pm (Bored)

Ok, I realize this might not be as funny to anyone else reading this blog – besides Michael – but I need to remember it.

We were driving out to our hike on Sunday and Michael usually keeps the interior of the truck quite cool, so I decided to wear my Merino wool long sleeved “outdoor” shirt so that I would be cold.  Michael figured that since I’m always cool and he’s usually warm he would wear a light t-shirt.  Not realizing the other had done this – comedy insues!

About 1/2 an hour into the drive this conversation happens:

Me:  “You’ve gotta turn the heat down.”
Him: “What?  You aren’t cold?  I’m freezing over here!”
Me:  “Seriously, I’m going to be sick.  It’s so hot!”
Him:  “I’m freezing!”
Me:  “I’m wearing a freakin sheep over here, seriously, you’ve gotta turn down the heat!”

Then we laughed and laughed because of my witty sense of humour and amazing knack at comedic timing.  Ya, we’re dorks.

What’s really great is that I will be able to laugh about this for years.  Or maybe that’s really sad.

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bootcamp update

April 24, 2007 at 1:07 pm (Bootcamp)

Bootcamp is AWESOME!  I actually look forward to it every single day.  Friday was the first day away from the bootcamp (no class on fridays) and I actually missed it. 

Let’s talk about my benefits from bootcamp:

  • Increased energy
  • More efficient digestion (so important for me!)
  • Cellulite is leaving my legs
  • Muscle definition
  • Energy exerted is good for my psyche

The list could go on and on.  The two most important benefits are listed first.  I don’t want to be gross, but the bathroom has never been so busy.  I like our drill sergeant – Tim.  He takes this bootcamp stuff and our efforts very seriously.  He doesn’t joke around – he’s all business.  I tried joking with him about his 80’s remix on the iPod (the song playing was “quest for fire” for goodness sakes!) but he clearly didn’t get that I was joking. 

I can usually tell when class is almost over because my body starts to resist the exercise.  It’s an hour long – give or take a few minutes.  It’s usually more than an hour because as I said, Tim takes this stuff seriously.  Just when you think you couldn’t possibly run up the stairs again, he says “run up the stairs 3 more times.”  On Thursday, we ran up a 45 degree incline hill 9 times.  9!  Run up, then walk down and repeat. 

Last night we did intervals.  (For those of you who don’t know, this means lots and lots of running.  Usually done in short bursts for as fast as you can go.)  We did them forward, we did them backward, from side to side, with tennis balls, with stairs, in short loops, long loops.  You name it – we did it. 

I won’t even mention the squats!  So many squats that it hurts just saying the word.


I have lost the 4 pounds in water weight that I put on the first week (due to the wrong electrolite replacement drink).  I have lost 1 additional pound (of something – maybe water).  So that makes 5 pounds as of Day 6.  I don’t think I will count the first 4 because they weren’t there for my starting weight.  I do know that my legs have changed in shape and Michael has noticed a change.

The main thing is that I feel great!  I wasn’t sore after our 4-5 mile hike on Sunday, I’m not sore today AND I’m actually becoming a better runner!  YAY!

I want Michael to take the bootcamp but he laughingly suggested that maybe it wasn’t hard enough for him – that he was more interested in lifting weights.  I think that bootcamp is making me a better athlete (if you can call me that)  and that everyone benefits from it.  Tim pushes us, he has great expectations from every person and he instills those expectations in us so that we push ourselves and cheer for our camp mates.  How can you go wrong with that?

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April 23, 2007 at 9:39 am (Brody, Evan, Family)

We had a great weekend!  The whole family is tired today. 

Michael used to rock climb when he was in boy scouts.  A few weeks ago I had expressed some interest in learning to rock climb because he loves it so much – if I loved it too we’d have another activity to enjoy together.   We did some calling around and discovered that a climbing gym in Concord was having an open house on Saturday.  I was really excited to try and Michael was over the moon!  Until Saturday morning came that is. 

Michael went out on Friday night with friends and had one too many soda pops.  He was feeling okay when he woke up – but exerted so much energy at the gym that he was completely wiped out in the afternoon.  We had friends over for dinner and by 9:00 pm both of us could barely keep our eyes open.

Anyway, back to the gym.  We were taught to belay and tie in to a lead rope – both of us passed the belay test.  While we were learning the basics, our children were running around like maniacs.  We finally got harnessed and tied in and Brody was the first one up the wall.  He’s a natural at climbing.  He’s always been good, but Michael and I never realized how well he can climb.  Our little boy raced up the wall, looking to see each hold as he went, and rang the bell at the top.   Of course, being a great mom – I completely forgot all camera equipment.  Evan tied in and took about 3 steps up the wall which was enough for him.  He preferred to hang.

I told Michael that Brody will be at the top of Half Dome and Evan will be at the bottom in a hammock with the DVD player and a bag of popcorn. 

On Sunday, we took the kids to Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve.  It’s not a long drive from our house, but the road winds and winds, I think we even did a loopdee loop.  Lucky for us Evan was sleeping so no one puked on the way there.  Once we arrived we planned our hike.  It was to be an easy hike since we had the boys.  It started out easy, walking along Pioneer Trail, then took a turn for the worse as we went up Pool Ridge Trail.  We finished on East Ridge Trail.  Basically, it was up the side of a mountain for 2 miles and down the other side for 2 miles.  Brody was a trooper.  Loving the hike and all the forest had to offer.  I only heard him complain for a very short time.

Evan, on the other hand, was a mess.  He was fine on the short walk on Pioneer Trail, but as soon as the trail turned up, he demanded to be carried.  Michael brought the backpack and ended up carrying Evan (all 42 pounds of him and 10 pounds on the backpack) almost the whole way.  Meanwhile, Evan was in the carrier enjoying snacks and a drink.  Michael and I joked that he brought a portable oven and was cooking pizzas.  hee

You’d think that a 4-5 mile hike would wear Brody out.  That maybe, just maybe, he’d want to plop on the couch and watch movies.  Wrong-o!  We got home, I went to target and Michael passed out on the couch.  As soon as I got home Brody was asking to go to the park.  Where does he get this energy from?  I think I’ll start making him do laps around the school yard. 

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April 18, 2007 at 11:18 am (Uncategorized)

Ah, where to begin. 

I started Fitness Bootcamp on Monday.  It went really well.  I was in the middle to top of the class and sometimes the middle to bottom of the class.  I did better than I thought I was going to do.  Afterall, it’s all about pushing yourself to YOUR limits – and I really pushed. 

After class on Monday, I walked into here and asked them what I needed to eat so that I would stop shaking.  I walked out with a new pair of running pants (because you can never have enough pants), a handy little holder for my keys, a box of these and a jug of this.  The guys were so helpful and awesome!  I ate my power bar with a banana and drank the rest of my water and felt better immediately.  I got in the door at home and promptly fell asleep. 

The class last night was better, I did better than I expected.  However, working the same muscle groups that you worked to exhaustion the night before was really difficult.  Tonight is the fitness test – which will probably be situps, crunches, push ups, laps, etc.  I’m hoping for zero squats because I’ve done enough squats for this week.  Squats on dots, military squats, power squats, squats with weights.  sigh.  I tried to stay positive and only said crap once or twice!  YAY ME!

After class last night, I promptly fell into the jacuzzi tub and relaxed for about 8.2 minutes.  The boys heard the jets in the tub and decided that it was a good time to get in the tub with mommy.  My boys are at the age now where I’m uncomfortable naked around them.  It wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t stare so much and talk about my ‘gina (evan’s words not mine).  So Michael brought me my bathing suit and we had a jacuzzi together.  It was crowded in the tub, but the boys had a ball so that’s all the matters.  

 The jacuzzi helped – but I would have preferred a full body massage.   Michael went to the gym and told me that 8:15 was too early for bed.  I managed to stay awake until 9:00!  Go me!

I’m really enjoying the camp.  I love the location too!  It’s outdoors and lovely!  Last night the wind was strong enough to roll a foreign car but I was smart and tied my hair up and completely out of my face!  Others weren’t so lucky.  Heh. 

I will go again tonight and tomorrow night (class is 4 nights/week).  I’m supposed to exercise on the weekend too – but we’ll see how that goes.  I might just keep things loosey goosey this weekend and not do anything too hard core. 

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What’s happening…

April 12, 2007 at 2:32 pm (Uncategorized)

First things first… we got new dishes!  They are lovely!  We haven’t used them yet because I just brought them home – but I am very excited to use them for the first time.  How did we get new dishes you ask?  Well, I have been rolling coins for the last 2 years (give or take) and finally took the rolls to the bank yesterday.  A whopping $390 was deposited into my account! 

Second… I am doing this starting on Monday.  Four weeks of intensive training 4 times a week.  Am I crazy?  Only slightly.  I’ve had a hard time shedding the last 10 lbs.  I have heard from everyone that I don’t need to lose the weight blah blah blah.  It’s my body – rather my booty – and I will do what I like.  Plus, I really miss the physical exhaustion that comes from organized fitness.  I used to take karate lessons and most of our class consisted of hardcore core strength training.  You don’t know sore until you’ve done 1000 situps.  That kind of stuff motivates me and makes me feel so much better.  I have less depression, less homesickness (it’s real), less freakouts on my kids, less yelling matches with my husband.  As far as I can tell – it’s a win/win situation.  If you are feeling depressed – exercise! 

Third… I have just heard word from our daycare provider that Evan behaves bad sometimes.  I know, it’s hard to believe.  She didn’t believe me at first –  everytime I told her about something he’d done she’d exlaim “no! not my Evan!”  She loves Evan, will kiss the ground he walks on, will make him a quesadilla at 4:30 if he asks her to…  Evan loves her and is her superstar!  Until she gives someone else her attention.  I have finally figured out why he does what he does.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s typical toddler behaviour, he’s not killing anyone.  But, he is pushing down the babies at daycare.  There are twin girls that are there quite a bit now, one of them is just learning to walk.  Evan has pushed her, taken her blanket, taken her bottle AND laughs when she cries about it.  My dear sweet little baby has become the daycare bully.  Cintia said “I sometimes put Evan in timeout” and I had to refrain from saying “timeout?  Evan barely gets out of timeout at my house.”  I would hate to shatter her image of him.  🙂  She called me today to ask me to speak with Evan about pushing the baby.  Again, I’m having the “big boy” conversation with one of my sons.  Please!  Someone!  Please tell me this bad behaviour stops!

Sigh…  I feel this is only the beginning.  I am thinking that I’ll need to put the boys in separate schools because they are worse when they are together.  Brody is so much better now that he isn’t a toddler but I know Evan can talk him into anything.  Evan seems to have taken the term “the terrible threes” and turned it into “the awful, dreadful, very bad, appaling, horrible threes.”  I think Evan is hooked on attention (my son? no!)  and when he doesn’t get sufficient attention – he acts out.  Which is what he’s doing at Cintia’s.  I’ve seen the twins… they are adorable!  They are petite and blonde and very cute.  She pays attention to them because that’s her job but also because she loves them as if they were her own children.  (which is why I have her watch my kids).  We’ve already nominated her for sainthood, but she can’t be everywhere all the time.  Evan is 2 years older than the girls and they are still getting their diapers changed.  So Evan started peeing in his pants.  Evan started pushing the girls.  Evan started stealing their blankies and laughing when they cried for them.  Evan has become a nightmare to deal with. 

Let’s take last night as an example.  Evan did not fall asleep until after 9:00 pm!  While they were in their beds I asked them again (for the eleventybillionth time) what the rules were at bedtime.  1.  No talking.  2.  No playing.  3. No getting out of bed.  Evan broke all three rules several times.  You know it’s too much when Brody says “momma i’m tired, evan is keeping me awake.” So today, we are going hardcore on Evan.  No sugar (which in toddler language means he might as well die), no mid-afternoon naps (he loves to sleep for 3 hours at a time) and if he so much as glances at those girls wrong, he’ll be in timeout until the cows come home (we know those cows like to party). 

I am just hoping that this phase passes.  I am hoping that my darling little boy – seen here – will grow out of this phase and back into the adorable phase – seen here (sans the hat and drool).

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Last night…

April 10, 2007 at 9:19 am (Uncategorized)

  • We ordered pizza because I was so tired from the weekend, I couldn’t even think about cooking
  • I bought yarn for a camoflage hoodie for Brody (he’s super excited!)
  • I started knitting a headband

We knew the boys would be maniacs, because they always are when we are exhausted.  Michael was determined to lay on the couch all night long but was dragged (kicking and screaming) to the park.  I had run out to buy yarn and the boys wore him down enough so that when I returned, there they were – riding bikes at the park.  Where do they get this energy from? 

Needless to say, they did not settle down in their beds until around 9:45 pm or so.  I got tired of telling them to stop playing, stop kicking the wall, get back in bed, no you can’t have crackers…  that I just went to bed.  So at 6:00 am – bright and early – I woke both of them up.  Got them out of bed and dressed – THEN I made them clean their room.  Only after they cleaned their room were they allowed to eat.  It was a very successful morning.   Books were picked up, toys were put away, and clothes were put in the hamper.  They weren’t allowed to watch TV, nor will they be allowed tonight either.  They will be put in bed promptly at 7:30 – because apparently 8:30 is too late for them to start winding down for bed.  I’m excited!!  Evan will fall asleep if he’s alone in his room – but if Brody is put to bed at the same time, Evan stays awake and will even keep his brother up. 

Everytime I think I’ve got these boys figured out, they usually do a 1-2 turn around on me.  I know where they get it from, my mom is the same way!  We used to joke that once we figured out where she kept something – she’d move it to a different spot.  Dad joked  about that , they just got new phones and he said “I’d just figured out how to use the old phone!”  So the boys come by it honestly. 

Tonight I will go threw the house and throw out all the old candy from Halloween, Christmas and Easter.  I am going to be hiding the juice and yogurt drinks and I may even pack up the trail mix (with M&M’s).  I can’t trust the boys to ask for things anymore, they are constantly sneaking them – so they will pay the price now.  Not only am I hiding the juice, Brody will be getting water in his lunches from now on.   I’m such a mean mommy.  (insert evil laugh here)

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Where did my weekend go?

April 9, 2007 at 3:28 pm (Uncategorized)

I can’t believe it’s Monday already!  I feel as though I haven’t slept all weekend.  Friday night was the usual junk food, movies, staying up late routine.  Saturday, we gathered the boys and their things for their sleep over at G’ma and G’pa’s house because ‘we the adults’ were headed out of town for a concert and an overnight stay at a friend’s cabin.  This was a special treat for everyone!

I used to love staying over at my Grandma Z’s house.  Between her and my Grandpa, we did anything and everything.  She taught me to crochet, G’pa taught us to work with wood, we cooked, we ate, we played, we even gardened!  But the best part?  The absolute best part was sleeping in their guest bed.  She had the heaviest quilt, we’d crawl in and she’d lay that quilt over us – we’d sink into the bed a little further and immediately fall asleep.  I don’t remember moving once we were tucked in.   

I have hoped that my boys would be just as excited to spend time with their grandparents.  It was (and still is) very important to me that the grandparents (both sets) really enjoy their grandsons.  I want visits to be a treat for everyone.  

Saturday morning was crazy.  Michael and I were packing for our overnight trip, the boys were packing all of their toys for their night at grandma’s house. Brody and Evan really don’t have a very good grasp of time, I can say 10 minutes or 2 hours and I get the same reaction.  Brody began the “are we going to grandma’s house?” questions at 9:30 am and repeated it every 10 minutes after that.  We weren’t scheduled to be there until noon – it was a very long 2 1/2 hours.   Not even a movie could keep them from asking to go. 

We finally packed up the car and headed over.  Brody was elated!  We spent time visiting before we left and Michael headed into the kitchen where the boys were playing.  Brody said to him “aren’t you gone yet?”  I think Brody was excited for a new set of rules without his parents around.  Michael’s mom spoils the boys rotten.  Apparently, it’s in her grandparent contract.  

 I’m not quite sure what they did, but I think they played for 24 hours straight.  Evan didn’t cry, Brody was a good big brother, the G’parents were happy to have them (they might even agree to let the boys stay over again), games were played, Brody bossed everyone around, Evan almost broke everything he touched – all in all – a good time was had by all. 

Michael and I had a great time at the Rascal Flatts concert with our friends A&T.  I purchased the tickets months ago, complete with a pre-show BBQ – so we had been looking forward to this for a long time.  The food was OK, I don’t think I would do the BBQ again.  We had so much fun at the concert, it was nice to just hangout and not have to yell at our kids or break up fights.  A&T have 2 girls and when the 4 kids are together, mayhem breaks out.  Anyway, to have actual adult time with good friends was awesome!  Parents really need time away from their kids and vice versa.  I didn’t feel guilty at all!  We even got to go to a nightclub afterwards!  I felt like such an adult! 

We did sleep on the squeekiest bed EVER.  I was up everytime Michael rolled over.  I even woke up when I rolled over!  I’m not used to late nights and especially not used to waking up every hour.  I’m not complaining though, because the cabin was peaceful and quiet otherwise.  All in all, it was a good weekend. 

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I got my shoes on…

April 5, 2007 at 3:33 pm (Uncategorized)

Evan loves to entice and entertain us at a moment’s notice.  Last night, Michael finally decided to get Brody a new tire for his bike.  The darn thing has been flat 3 times already – finally enough was enough.  Brody heard that there might be a chance that his dad would be leaving the house and immediately piped in that he’d like to go with him.  Evan heard that there might be a chance that Brody would be leaving the house and immediately piped in that he wanted to go too.  Michael told Evan “well, I’m not going anywhere.” To which I replied with “THE LOOK” directed towards Michael.   Without missing a beat, Evan said in a singing / enticing / look at me while I entertain you voice “I’ve got my shoes on.”  It was the funniest thing that he’s done all week. 

Here is a boy who loves to make people laugh.  His new favorite saying is “come on!”  Like if Daddy won’t give Evan some chips, Evan will say “I want some chips Dada! Come on!”  He also really loves to encourage you along with his ideas because it’s the best idea in the whole world and it would make you really happy so you need to agree.  He tends to say “come on momma” while shaking his head up and down and raising his eyebrows up and down.  He also likes to throw in a “You’ll have fun” or “It’ll make you happy” while doing this motion.  Couple that with a million dollar smile – how could anyone say no?

If Mommy is going somewhere, the boys have now learned that it is more beneficial for them to stay home.  Mommy is far too strict while in public (because she doesn’t want people to think she has raised two out of control maniacs) and she makes them sit in the shopping cart.  Whereas Daddy is soft and lets them run screaming up and down the aisles.  What really messes them up is when we go shopping as a family.  They try to run and scream but are blocked by Mommy.  They try to appeal to Daddy who in turn defers to Mommy.  Typical hierarchy in homes nowadays. 

I don’t like to take the boys shopping.  I can’t get a single thing done.  My shopping requires concentration and/or trying on things – like clothes and lip gloss.  Brody has no interest in either one, Evan on the other hand…. well he could be persuaded into trying on the lipgloss with me!  I tried taking them clothes shopping with me, Brody actually had the nerve to say to me “I don’t need any more clothes, I have enough at home.”  He should have just stabbed me in the heart with a knife!   One time,  I took the boys with me while shopping for clothes at the Outlets.  While I was half naked in the change room (with BOTH boys in the room with me) Brody decided to crawl out of my change room and proceeded to go into all the other rooms, lock the door, then climb out the bottom.  He’d even surprised a few women when he climbed under their already locked doors.  You can imagine the screams coming from me “Brody, get back here right now.  Brody – you are going to be in trouble” and the screams from the other women “argh!!  whose little boy is this?”  ahh good times right?

Food shopping is even worse.  Three year old’s have very fast – little hands.  You can barely see them move – they move so fast.  In Safeway the other night, Evan was hungry (what else is new) and before I could stop him, he picked up a bun out of the bakery bins.  You know – the bulk kind that they have just laying around all willy nilly.  Also on the receipt that day was 2 extra boxes of cereal, oreo cookies, and a grapefruit (almost – I managed to catch this before the cashier ran it through.)  Plus, if Evan is hungry I am berated the whole time with “momma, I have popcorn?”  “momma, I have apple?” “momma, I have banana?” “momma, I have yogurt?” “momma, i have melon?”

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A new schedule

April 3, 2007 at 12:54 pm (Uncategorized)

I started a new shift at work today.  I decided yesterday morning that getting to work at 8:30 – home at 5:00 just wasn’t working for me.  By the time I’m even remotely ready to start dinner both boys are hanging off my pant legs – crying and whining for dinner because they are starving. 

Fortunately for me, I have an amazingly understanding boss, who – at a moment’s notice -decided to let me change my hours.  I am now getting home 1/2 hour earlier than usual – which, if you do the math, puts me ahead of the game by about 45 minutes.  I don’t understand how the math works, I just know that boys will be fed 45 minutes earlier than usual.  Which makes me a very happy woman. 

I had everything set to be up this morning at 4:45 am (that is before dawn if you are keeping track).  I was going to go to the gym and get my workout finished (without Mommy guilt even being involved – YAY). Of course, as soon as that alarm rang, I immediately reset it for 6:00 am and continued sleeping.  I did incur slight guilt at resetting my alarm but quickly demolished it with “I’m sick – I need to rest.”  Works every time! 

I don’t think that I could physically get to the gym in my current condition.  The reasons are listed below:

  • I don’t have a tissue holder on my gym clothes.  Trust me – I need tissue.
  • I would have to stop the treadmill to cough – which completely defeats the purpose.
  • I just don’t feel like it and that should be a good enough reason.

I shouldn’t have to make up other reasons.  Why isn’t it a good enough reason?  Because (a) I’m a woman; (b) I’m a woman whose husband works out and I am so jealousing the changes happening in his body (i want those changes too); (c) I really need physical activity to keep from going crazy (I yell less, it’s really good for everyone in my household); and (d) I need/want to shed 10-15 pounds. 

Going through all of these lists will motivate me to set my alarm clock for 4:45 am tonight – I can’t guarantee that I won’t reset it to 6:00 am though.  I’m just going to have to be good with that.  

I have to say, I’ve been quite productive at work today.  So productive, in fact, that my boss actually commented on it!  I can see this schedule is working out for everyone. 

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Weekend? What weekend?

April 3, 2007 at 12:20 pm (Uncategorized)

Okay, so everyone at my house was sick this weekend.  I guess it’s okay that it happened on the weekend, but I feel robbed.  What’s worse is that while EVERYONE was sick, it didn’t stop a certain pair of boys from playing (hardcore) all weekend long.  Almost bringing tears to their mother’s eyes with the amount of energy she needed to keep up.

 I had a fever, sore throat and was achy (or is it achey?) all over.  So achy in fact that my eyelashes ached…

Did that stop my boys from wanting to play outside?  All day long?  Until way past their bedtime?  Of course not!  They were all hopped up on allergy medicine and Motrin.  I was not alone in my misery, my knight in shining armor was just as sick as I was, yet he was the conquering hero because he actually WENT with the boys to play.  I was happy to let them go to the park by themselves.  WHAT?  They are 4 and 3 – that’s old enough!

Michael and I had to practically bathe ourselves in Theraflu (the US’s answer to Neocitrin) thereby enabling us to sleep without drowning in mucous (TMI?).  Today, my throat has finally stopped hurting (only mildly in pain when I yell at the boys to STOP FIGHTING!  GET YOUR HANDS OFF YOUR BROTHER! YOUR DAD AND I ARE SICK! STOP HITTING!) The mucous and congestion has not stopped even though I have blown my nose so much that it is the color of a ripe tomato.   Aforementioned muck has travelled to the land below, settling in my chest and is probably, by now, painting and redecorating.

I did manage to get out to a knitting class on Friday.  Michael decided at almost the last minute to go to Modesto to a “duck dinner” so we played a little game that I like to call “Incredible Juggling Mom!!”  He dropped them at Cintia’s, I picked them up, babysitter drove over (YAY), I fed everyone, I drove to Emeryville, knitted, and rushed home because said babysitter is a provisional driver and can’t drive past 11:00 pm.  I love that our babysitter can drive now.  She’s such a sweet girl and really loves the boys – I’m happy that she’s still interested in babysitting.   I was happy to leave early because just at the very end of the class was when my throat started hurting.  I hope I didn’t pass it along.

In class we made this – but it’s not my style.  I’m glad I went though because I had lots of fun laughing and talking, it was nice being around girls!  I gushed the whole time!  Sile was so sweet to felt my fish from christmas* as well, so a certain niece and nephew will be receiving cute little felted fish from me. 

* I had such good intentions to make all of the little ones in our lives these adorable felted fish as a christmas bow.  I got 5 of 9 knitted and only 1 felted.  sigh.. such is my life

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