Weekend? What weekend?

April 3, 2007 at 12:20 pm (Uncategorized)

Okay, so everyone at my house was sick this weekend.  I guess it’s okay that it happened on the weekend, but I feel robbed.  What’s worse is that while EVERYONE was sick, it didn’t stop a certain pair of boys from playing (hardcore) all weekend long.  Almost bringing tears to their mother’s eyes with the amount of energy she needed to keep up.

 I had a fever, sore throat and was achy (or is it achey?) all over.  So achy in fact that my eyelashes ached…

Did that stop my boys from wanting to play outside?  All day long?  Until way past their bedtime?  Of course not!  They were all hopped up on allergy medicine and Motrin.  I was not alone in my misery, my knight in shining armor was just as sick as I was, yet he was the conquering hero because he actually WENT with the boys to play.  I was happy to let them go to the park by themselves.  WHAT?  They are 4 and 3 – that’s old enough!

Michael and I had to practically bathe ourselves in Theraflu (the US’s answer to Neocitrin) thereby enabling us to sleep without drowning in mucous (TMI?).  Today, my throat has finally stopped hurting (only mildly in pain when I yell at the boys to STOP FIGHTING!  GET YOUR HANDS OFF YOUR BROTHER! YOUR DAD AND I ARE SICK! STOP HITTING!) The mucous and congestion has not stopped even though I have blown my nose so much that it is the color of a ripe tomato.   Aforementioned muck has travelled to the land below, settling in my chest and is probably, by now, painting and redecorating.

I did manage to get out to a knitting class on Friday.  Michael decided at almost the last minute to go to Modesto to a “duck dinner” so we played a little game that I like to call “Incredible Juggling Mom!!”  He dropped them at Cintia’s, I picked them up, babysitter drove over (YAY), I fed everyone, I drove to Emeryville, knitted, and rushed home because said babysitter is a provisional driver and can’t drive past 11:00 pm.  I love that our babysitter can drive now.  She’s such a sweet girl and really loves the boys – I’m happy that she’s still interested in babysitting.   I was happy to leave early because just at the very end of the class was when my throat started hurting.  I hope I didn’t pass it along.

In class we made this – but it’s not my style.  I’m glad I went though because I had lots of fun laughing and talking, it was nice being around girls!  I gushed the whole time!  Sile was so sweet to felt my fish from christmas* as well, so a certain niece and nephew will be receiving cute little felted fish from me. 

* I had such good intentions to make all of the little ones in our lives these adorable felted fish as a christmas bow.  I got 5 of 9 knitted and only 1 felted.  sigh.. such is my life


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