I got my shoes on…

April 5, 2007 at 3:33 pm (Uncategorized)

Evan loves to entice and entertain us at a moment’s notice.  Last night, Michael finally decided to get Brody a new tire for his bike.  The darn thing has been flat 3 times already – finally enough was enough.  Brody heard that there might be a chance that his dad would be leaving the house and immediately piped in that he’d like to go with him.  Evan heard that there might be a chance that Brody would be leaving the house and immediately piped in that he wanted to go too.  Michael told Evan “well, I’m not going anywhere.” To which I replied with “THE LOOK” directed towards Michael.   Without missing a beat, Evan said in a singing / enticing / look at me while I entertain you voice “I’ve got my shoes on.”  It was the funniest thing that he’s done all week. 

Here is a boy who loves to make people laugh.  His new favorite saying is “come on!”  Like if Daddy won’t give Evan some chips, Evan will say “I want some chips Dada! Come on!”  He also really loves to encourage you along with his ideas because it’s the best idea in the whole world and it would make you really happy so you need to agree.  He tends to say “come on momma” while shaking his head up and down and raising his eyebrows up and down.  He also likes to throw in a “You’ll have fun” or “It’ll make you happy” while doing this motion.  Couple that with a million dollar smile – how could anyone say no?

If Mommy is going somewhere, the boys have now learned that it is more beneficial for them to stay home.  Mommy is far too strict while in public (because she doesn’t want people to think she has raised two out of control maniacs) and she makes them sit in the shopping cart.  Whereas Daddy is soft and lets them run screaming up and down the aisles.  What really messes them up is when we go shopping as a family.  They try to run and scream but are blocked by Mommy.  They try to appeal to Daddy who in turn defers to Mommy.  Typical hierarchy in homes nowadays. 

I don’t like to take the boys shopping.  I can’t get a single thing done.  My shopping requires concentration and/or trying on things – like clothes and lip gloss.  Brody has no interest in either one, Evan on the other hand…. well he could be persuaded into trying on the lipgloss with me!  I tried taking them clothes shopping with me, Brody actually had the nerve to say to me “I don’t need any more clothes, I have enough at home.”  He should have just stabbed me in the heart with a knife!   One time,  I took the boys with me while shopping for clothes at the Outlets.  While I was half naked in the change room (with BOTH boys in the room with me) Brody decided to crawl out of my change room and proceeded to go into all the other rooms, lock the door, then climb out the bottom.  He’d even surprised a few women when he climbed under their already locked doors.  You can imagine the screams coming from me “Brody, get back here right now.  Brody – you are going to be in trouble” and the screams from the other women “argh!!  whose little boy is this?”  ahh good times right?

Food shopping is even worse.  Three year old’s have very fast – little hands.  You can barely see them move – they move so fast.  In Safeway the other night, Evan was hungry (what else is new) and before I could stop him, he picked up a bun out of the bakery bins.  You know – the bulk kind that they have just laying around all willy nilly.  Also on the receipt that day was 2 extra boxes of cereal, oreo cookies, and a grapefruit (almost – I managed to catch this before the cashier ran it through.)  Plus, if Evan is hungry I am berated the whole time with “momma, I have popcorn?”  “momma, I have apple?” “momma, I have banana?” “momma, I have yogurt?” “momma, i have melon?”


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