Last night…

April 10, 2007 at 9:19 am (Uncategorized)

  • We ordered pizza because I was so tired from the weekend, I couldn’t even think about cooking
  • I bought yarn for a camoflage hoodie for Brody (he’s super excited!)
  • I started knitting a headband

We knew the boys would be maniacs, because they always are when we are exhausted.  Michael was determined to lay on the couch all night long but was dragged (kicking and screaming) to the park.  I had run out to buy yarn and the boys wore him down enough so that when I returned, there they were – riding bikes at the park.  Where do they get this energy from? 

Needless to say, they did not settle down in their beds until around 9:45 pm or so.  I got tired of telling them to stop playing, stop kicking the wall, get back in bed, no you can’t have crackers…  that I just went to bed.  So at 6:00 am – bright and early – I woke both of them up.  Got them out of bed and dressed – THEN I made them clean their room.  Only after they cleaned their room were they allowed to eat.  It was a very successful morning.   Books were picked up, toys were put away, and clothes were put in the hamper.  They weren’t allowed to watch TV, nor will they be allowed tonight either.  They will be put in bed promptly at 7:30 – because apparently 8:30 is too late for them to start winding down for bed.  I’m excited!!  Evan will fall asleep if he’s alone in his room – but if Brody is put to bed at the same time, Evan stays awake and will even keep his brother up. 

Everytime I think I’ve got these boys figured out, they usually do a 1-2 turn around on me.  I know where they get it from, my mom is the same way!  We used to joke that once we figured out where she kept something – she’d move it to a different spot.  Dad joked  about that , they just got new phones and he said “I’d just figured out how to use the old phone!”  So the boys come by it honestly. 

Tonight I will go threw the house and throw out all the old candy from Halloween, Christmas and Easter.  I am going to be hiding the juice and yogurt drinks and I may even pack up the trail mix (with M&M’s).  I can’t trust the boys to ask for things anymore, they are constantly sneaking them – so they will pay the price now.  Not only am I hiding the juice, Brody will be getting water in his lunches from now on.   I’m such a mean mommy.  (insert evil laugh here)


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