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April 12, 2007 at 2:32 pm (Uncategorized)

First things first… we got new dishes!  They are lovely!  We haven’t used them yet because I just brought them home – but I am very excited to use them for the first time.  How did we get new dishes you ask?  Well, I have been rolling coins for the last 2 years (give or take) and finally took the rolls to the bank yesterday.  A whopping $390 was deposited into my account! 

Second… I am doing this starting on Monday.  Four weeks of intensive training 4 times a week.  Am I crazy?  Only slightly.  I’ve had a hard time shedding the last 10 lbs.  I have heard from everyone that I don’t need to lose the weight blah blah blah.  It’s my body – rather my booty – and I will do what I like.  Plus, I really miss the physical exhaustion that comes from organized fitness.  I used to take karate lessons and most of our class consisted of hardcore core strength training.  You don’t know sore until you’ve done 1000 situps.  That kind of stuff motivates me and makes me feel so much better.  I have less depression, less homesickness (it’s real), less freakouts on my kids, less yelling matches with my husband.  As far as I can tell – it’s a win/win situation.  If you are feeling depressed – exercise! 

Third… I have just heard word from our daycare provider that Evan behaves bad sometimes.  I know, it’s hard to believe.  She didn’t believe me at first –  everytime I told her about something he’d done she’d exlaim “no! not my Evan!”  She loves Evan, will kiss the ground he walks on, will make him a quesadilla at 4:30 if he asks her to…  Evan loves her and is her superstar!  Until she gives someone else her attention.  I have finally figured out why he does what he does.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s typical toddler behaviour, he’s not killing anyone.  But, he is pushing down the babies at daycare.  There are twin girls that are there quite a bit now, one of them is just learning to walk.  Evan has pushed her, taken her blanket, taken her bottle AND laughs when she cries about it.  My dear sweet little baby has become the daycare bully.  Cintia said “I sometimes put Evan in timeout” and I had to refrain from saying “timeout?  Evan barely gets out of timeout at my house.”  I would hate to shatter her image of him.  🙂  She called me today to ask me to speak with Evan about pushing the baby.  Again, I’m having the “big boy” conversation with one of my sons.  Please!  Someone!  Please tell me this bad behaviour stops!

Sigh…  I feel this is only the beginning.  I am thinking that I’ll need to put the boys in separate schools because they are worse when they are together.  Brody is so much better now that he isn’t a toddler but I know Evan can talk him into anything.  Evan seems to have taken the term “the terrible threes” and turned it into “the awful, dreadful, very bad, appaling, horrible threes.”  I think Evan is hooked on attention (my son? no!)  and when he doesn’t get sufficient attention – he acts out.  Which is what he’s doing at Cintia’s.  I’ve seen the twins… they are adorable!  They are petite and blonde and very cute.  She pays attention to them because that’s her job but also because she loves them as if they were her own children.  (which is why I have her watch my kids).  We’ve already nominated her for sainthood, but she can’t be everywhere all the time.  Evan is 2 years older than the girls and they are still getting their diapers changed.  So Evan started peeing in his pants.  Evan started pushing the girls.  Evan started stealing their blankies and laughing when they cried for them.  Evan has become a nightmare to deal with. 

Let’s take last night as an example.  Evan did not fall asleep until after 9:00 pm!  While they were in their beds I asked them again (for the eleventybillionth time) what the rules were at bedtime.  1.  No talking.  2.  No playing.  3. No getting out of bed.  Evan broke all three rules several times.  You know it’s too much when Brody says “momma i’m tired, evan is keeping me awake.” So today, we are going hardcore on Evan.  No sugar (which in toddler language means he might as well die), no mid-afternoon naps (he loves to sleep for 3 hours at a time) and if he so much as glances at those girls wrong, he’ll be in timeout until the cows come home (we know those cows like to party). 

I am just hoping that this phase passes.  I am hoping that my darling little boy – seen here – will grow out of this phase and back into the adorable phase – seen here (sans the hat and drool).


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  1. Mallory said,

    Congrats on your purty new tableware! Niiiiiice. Also, awesome for you for doing the bootcamp! Be sure to take a pic of yourself in a bikini, front and side view, so you can see the before and after! Also take your measurements. You are going to feel so awesome!

    Also, I really really want to thank you for the support and encouragement and to let you know, I am behind you all the way, cheering you on. It really means a lot. You are so right that the most important part is to stay positive and grateful for my body and my health. Together we can do this!!

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