April 18, 2007 at 11:18 am (Uncategorized)

Ah, where to begin. 

I started Fitness Bootcamp on Monday.  It went really well.  I was in the middle to top of the class and sometimes the middle to bottom of the class.  I did better than I thought I was going to do.  Afterall, it’s all about pushing yourself to YOUR limits – and I really pushed. 

After class on Monday, I walked into here and asked them what I needed to eat so that I would stop shaking.  I walked out with a new pair of running pants (because you can never have enough pants), a handy little holder for my keys, a box of these and a jug of this.  The guys were so helpful and awesome!  I ate my power bar with a banana and drank the rest of my water and felt better immediately.  I got in the door at home and promptly fell asleep. 

The class last night was better, I did better than I expected.  However, working the same muscle groups that you worked to exhaustion the night before was really difficult.  Tonight is the fitness test – which will probably be situps, crunches, push ups, laps, etc.  I’m hoping for zero squats because I’ve done enough squats for this week.  Squats on dots, military squats, power squats, squats with weights.  sigh.  I tried to stay positive and only said crap once or twice!  YAY ME!

After class last night, I promptly fell into the jacuzzi tub and relaxed for about 8.2 minutes.  The boys heard the jets in the tub and decided that it was a good time to get in the tub with mommy.  My boys are at the age now where I’m uncomfortable naked around them.  It wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t stare so much and talk about my ‘gina (evan’s words not mine).  So Michael brought me my bathing suit and we had a jacuzzi together.  It was crowded in the tub, but the boys had a ball so that’s all the matters.  

 The jacuzzi helped – but I would have preferred a full body massage.   Michael went to the gym and told me that 8:15 was too early for bed.  I managed to stay awake until 9:00!  Go me!

I’m really enjoying the camp.  I love the location too!  It’s outdoors and lovely!  Last night the wind was strong enough to roll a foreign car but I was smart and tied my hair up and completely out of my face!  Others weren’t so lucky.  Heh. 

I will go again tonight and tomorrow night (class is 4 nights/week).  I’m supposed to exercise on the weekend too – but we’ll see how that goes.  I might just keep things loosey goosey this weekend and not do anything too hard core. 


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