hiking sidenote

April 24, 2007 at 4:08 pm (Bored)

Ok, I realize this might not be as funny to anyone else reading this blog – besides Michael – but I need to remember it.

We were driving out to our hike on Sunday and Michael usually keeps the interior of the truck quite cool, so I decided to wear my Merino wool long sleeved “outdoor” shirt so that I would be cold.  Michael figured that since I’m always cool and he’s usually warm he would wear a light t-shirt.  Not realizing the other had done this – comedy insues!

About 1/2 an hour into the drive this conversation happens:

Me:  “You’ve gotta turn the heat down.”
Him: “What?  You aren’t cold?  I’m freezing over here!”
Me:  “Seriously, I’m going to be sick.  It’s so hot!”
Him:  “I’m freezing!”
Me:  “I’m wearing a freakin sheep over here, seriously, you’ve gotta turn down the heat!”

Then we laughed and laughed because of my witty sense of humour and amazing knack at comedic timing.  Ya, we’re dorks.

What’s really great is that I will be able to laugh about this for years.  Or maybe that’s really sad.


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  1. Mallory said,

    Its like the thermostat Gift of The Magi. lol

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