What?! I have a blog?

May 1, 2007 at 3:17 pm (Uncategorized)

Life has been crazy since I started boot camp.  Last week went very well, until Wednesday.  Wednesdays are hike days at boot camp.  Hike days!  A day when I didn’t have to run around the pond 8 million times or do 500 squats!  I was liking hike day very much. 

Until I got there.

I don’t know the area we hiked, but it was in Walnut Creek.  Walnut Creek is very hilly.  You don’t realize how hilly it is until you actually get out of your car and walk somewhere.  We started the hike and I thought “this is going to be great!”  We were at a gentle speed on a slight incline.  It was lovely!  Some people even brought their iPods!  Then, we turned the corner and I saw what we were going to hike.

Picture Mt. Everest – only more hilly.  Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration.  The incline was about 80 degrees – up then down.  Are you thinking 1 hill?  Ha – you silly! No, there were 4 of them.  Each one more menacing than the last one. 

Mr. Funny Pants Tim (the drill sergeant) suggested that we do 30 second bursts of activities if this hike wasn’t bringing our heart rates up.  I didn’t see anyone do that.  I did see lots of people stopping to catch their breath and possibly breathing from an oxygen tank (such high altitudes).  I did hear a lot of whining – possibly from other people besides myself.  I was pretty loud though. 

As it turns out, at 6:30 – no matter where you are in the hike – you must turn around and make your way back to the meeting point.  Had I known this, I would have paced myself to have just done the first hill – not 3 1/2 hills.  HA!  Next time, I will know better.  YOU GOT ME ONCE TIM!

I drove home and was cold, sore, and tired.  Michael immediately left for a movie (the poor guy deserves some time to himself!) and I immediately plopped my sorry bum on the couch.  Where I stayed for the rest of the evening.  Even going so far as to let my oldest son stay up with me because I didn’t have the energy to fight and argue about bedtime (it is a constant, everyday battle that we endure – night after night after night).  I ended up staying home the next day because I had a bug of some sort – you know the kind – sore throat, fever, no sleeping, chills.  I missed boot camp on Thursday night due to my bug.  I was thinking “awesome!  I love the flu!  Goodbye 5-6 pounds!”  Wrong.  This bug caused me to eat.  No throwing up or anything… just a general malaise. 

There is good news in all of this, I actually shaved 1 whole minute off my “mile.”  AND I have a more positive attitude about running now. 


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