Brody and the F word

May 7, 2007 at 9:22 am (Brody)

So, on no less that 3 occasions this weekend, my dear sweet son said the F word.  On the last occasion, his daddy washed his mouth out with soap – and I followed up with “straight to bed.”  He said he learned it from this kid at school and ever since then – he’s been using it with some frequency. 

When I hear this word come out of my son’s mouth… well, I just can’t even explain the feelings that it provokes in me.   Don’t get me wrong, I have been known to say this word before… often times with more frequency than a trucker – I just can’t even stand to hear it come from my son. 

I researched why children swear and how I can stop my 4 year from swearing… 

This is what I got:

  • If you react with anger when your toddler says a swear word he may use it again when he is upset with you in some way and wants you to know about it. (How can I not react with anger!  He’s four! And said the F word!)
  • If your children say a swear word when they are angry or distressed it is probably most helpful to show them how to say what they really mean, eg “I can see you feel really cross/upset/ disappointed…” rather than make a big fuss about the word(Are they kidding?!?)

How can I not make a big fuss out of the word!  This is the WORST swear word that a person can say – not to mention a 4 year old!  Don’t make a big deal?  Do these people even have children?  This tactic may work but I’m not sure I can do this.   The reaction from me is split second – I don’t even think about my reaction – it just happens.  Which means, I’m going to have to slow down my reaction time (can I do this?).  What I really want to do is find this kid at school and slap his mother.  You can’t always get what you want. 

I’m hoping and praying the soap worked and it has curbed my son’s desire to say the F word.   If not, I’m sure duct tape will work.


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