My body is not a wonderland

May 25, 2007 at 9:38 am (Bored)

It appears that, as I get older, my body is continually letting me down.  When I was young, I could stay up all night partying, then wake up at 6:00 am and go to work.  I could run on 3.5 hours of sleep, work a full day, then go out at night – several times a week. 

Now that I am official in my mid-30’s my body has started talking back to me.  Disrespecting me so much that I am looking to trade it in for a new one.  It has stopped burning fat the way it should, my knees snap crackle and pop when I use them (which is so very sexy), along with other various aches and pains my hips have a tendancy to become lax and will slightly twist, thereby pinching my sciatic nerve and causing me great pain.  Which brings me to exactly where I am right now.  I have been in sciatic hell for about 3 months now.  You can imagine how happy and wonderful I’ve been lately!  The pain is so bad that I can’t sit for an extended period of time – making it almost impossible to work, drive, and sleep – or do anything else for that matter.  I can’t do laundry, I can’t unload the dishwasher or pick up my dirty clothes.  I can’t get my children dressed for the day, nor can we wrestle on the ground before bedtime.  I’m a bitch at work, barely speaking at all and I’m even worse at home because my tolerance level is at zero.  I can’t stand the screaming and fighting that sometimes happens with two boys in the house.

I’m tired. I’m cranky.  AND I don’t feel like working. 

Anyways, the sciatica has progressed to where I can’t feel my toes.  I’m also having sharp pain down the back of my leg with spasms in my calf (fun!).  I went to see a doctor, he prescribed a muscle “relaxer” but it doesn’t really work.  I’m also taking motrin 3 times a day, which makes me so sleepy that I have found my head bobbing at work (professional!).  I went to physical therapy yesterday and we did some exercises, then as I was getting ready to leave – he surprised me with crutches!  Also, he suggested that I carry my things in a fanny pack (as if!).  He said that if I didn’t want the crutches he could give me a walker.  A walker!!  My grandmothers don’t even use a walker!!  Could you see me with a walker and a fanny pack?  Just shoot me! 

I compromised with the crutches and a backpack.  That was the last straw for me.  I ended up having a good cry after that during my PT appointment.  I just took the motrin – so in about 20 minutes or so, I’ll be sleeping at my desk.  Don’t wake me.


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