Speaking of work

May 25, 2007 at 10:03 am (Michael, Work)

I have to deal with a lot of crap at my job.  We take complaints all the time from people who aren’t happy with the way they were treated.  I have found lost items, I have rearranged conference rooms for demanding “professionals,”  I have had prescriptions renewed without a visit to the doc, I have participated in fire drills, I have manned the hallways when a code was called.  I have not been formally thanked for my participation in these activities, it is expected of me and is part of “other duties as assigned.” 

I do these things (not always with a smile) because it’s what I get paid to do.  I don’t love it here.  I’d rather be at home reading a good book or knitting or even making dinner for my family.  I have come to the conclusion that I work to live.  As a girl who came from parents whose work defined them – this is a major step.  I do not live to work.  I tried that and I failed miserably.  Not only did I fail – but my family failed (my boys need a lot of attention… all 3 of them).  I’ve had to learn to keep work crap at work and home crap at home.  Finally realizing that my job isn’t my life has completely changed my outlook. 

I don’t like coming to work, but I happen to work with a great group of people.  Like a second family. 

I am jealous of Michael because he truly loves his job.  He loves his customers and what he gets paid to do.  He loves going in to the office and working overtime.  I envy that.  One day I will have a job that I love.  A job that I feel a passion for. 

Now, if only I could figure out which job it is.


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