The GREAT grandparents visit of 2007!

May 30, 2007 at 3:18 pm (Family)

Well, the parents came and went.  I think the four of them had a very good time reconnecting with each other.  By the time my parents leave, the boys have forgotten that they only see them once or twice a year.

Brody was so happy to be around his grandparents again, he was bursting!  The first day they were there, the boys had cleaned up the back yard.  I asked Brody how he got the vacuum cleaner into his play set (up the stairs and everything) and he replied “I did it with working hands Mama!”  He had a set of gloves on and was just itching to be helpful.  They hauled wood, picked up shredded logs (thanks to Sasha), leaves, garbage – basically everything that was in the backyard but shouldn’t be.

Evan tends to be shy.  While Michael and I were home he refused to give goodnight hugs and kisses to his grandparents… I think he thinks he cheating maybe?  Mom managed to wrangle a few hugs and kisses while we spent a few days away – but not nearly enough for her liking.   I have some great photos but when I was ready to upload them – flickr was getting a massage.  I’ll try again soon.   Speaking of pictures… some of you have a surprise coming in the mail.  I won’t say what or who…. but you can expect an envelope.  I think YOU know who YOU are.  One of these people has put me on her “do not give auntie pictures of her nephew and niece until I receive pictures of nephews” – she knows who she is.

Back to the visit.  We were all disappointed when Mom and Dad left earlier than expected.  Well, I expected them to stay a bit longer – but wasn’t really sure what their plans were.  We even tried bribery and guilt – but nothing worked.   However, I don’t think the kids are down from their sugar high yet.  In fact, we had to throw out a lot of “treats” that were left.  The sugar content in the house was so high, Michael and I were buzzing!

I do have great pictures of Evan and his grandpa that I will post on flickr.  My dad looks great in these photos – Evan looks like someone is pinching him and there’s a bad smell in the air. 


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