What kind of title is this?

May 30, 2007 at 2:52 pm (House)

Sometimes, the hardest part about blogging is the title of the entry for that day.  I could put “entry for May 30, 2007” but how much fun is that?  It’s not.

We had a visit from a potential Realtor today.  We were hoping to list our house and sell it – but it doesn’t look like that will be in the plans for us any time soon.  The market is a buyers market and the days of selling your cardboard box for half a million dollars are gone!  She came up with a number and let’s just say that it was about 80,000 dollars lower than what we had hoped for.  If we sold, we wouldn’t walk away with very much at all.  It appears that we are stuck.

In the span of an hour, our house bubble had burst and we were deflated.  I feel for Michael, he really had high hopes (as did I – I guess).  So, we will see what her market analysis brings back and what she thinks we can get for the house and go from there.  I am not willing to walk away for such little money and neither is Michael.  We will continue to clean out the crap we’ve never used, get rid of the clutter, fix up the house the way we want it, look for better storage options and move along. 

If we don’t sell it, at least we’ll have it the way we want it.  I’m so tired of living in a house that doesn’t really function well.  We finally have the backyard cleaned up, we are still working on the kitchen.  Maybe we’ll do something in the garage for better storage options.  I would love to have the garage cleaned and drywalled.  Those are things we can do to make our time in that house more manageable. 

Right now, we are keeping our fingers crossed that we can get list the house for what we think it should sell for. 



  1. malinthemiddle said,

    I so feel you on this–but the more you gid rid of, de-clutter, clean up, and decorate the way you like, the more you will feel like your house is an outer reflection of who you are inside. I have found that things really do have energy and emotions attached to them–every time you pass a mess your body registers a little bit of stress and unconciously you think “I’ve got to clean that up.” and the pressure weighs on you without you being aware of it.

  2. siren said,

    I agree totally! My husband used to think I was crazy for having these feelings, but now he feels them too! I am going to re-do all the closets with organizers because that is totally killing me right now!

    I’m okay with staying in our current house. We have a small mortgage (compared to most in our area) and it allows us to do things like … go on a cruise, go clothes shopping if we need to, go to dinner. I know a lot of couples who are eating rice and beans everyday because they can’t afford anything else!

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