Where am I?

June 27, 2007 at 4:04 pm (School)

School started on Monday.  I had two items due on the first day of school.  It gets better.  I had 3 assignments due yesterday and 3 due today.  I have 3 due tomorrow and 3 due on Sunday.  When am I going to see the light of day you ask?  Call me back in 4 years. 

I am tired, but I lay in bed wondering what is due for tomorrow and how can I keep everything straight?  I need a Palm strictly for school work!  Plus, I’m in class with people who can’t speeel (or spel), or know the meaning of proper punctuation!!,.! 

One way we are marked on participation in the class is by responding to threads posted by other students.  I had to search for 1 hour just to find a thread worth responding to.  Then, in order not to make enemies of all my classmates on the 1st day of class, I really had to take it easy on this person and choose my words carefully.  I have a feeling that this will not be lasting long.   Anyway, participation requires that I respond to two threads with 200 – 300 words 3 times per week.  Do you know how hard it is to respond to “I totally agree with you!”  Which happened several times.  It amazes me the people that are attending this class. 

Did I mention that it’s an online school?  Yep.  I don’t ever have to listen to a professor in a classroom setting.  It’s awesome!

As for me, if you don’t see me online or see a regular post for a while, it’s not that I’ve died – I’m in school. 


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So it’s not only Brody who calls him Garth…

June 27, 2007 at 3:56 pm (Brody)

You Might Be A Redneck Jedi If . . .

. . . you use your lightsaber to cut the bottlecap off a beer.
. . . you say “these are not the beers you are looking for.”
. . . that “disturbance in the Force” was just last night’s baked beans.
. . . the inside of your house looks more like Dagobah than the outside.
. . . you call your young apprentice, “Juner.(JR.)”
. . . you have ever used telekinesis to pull your jeans up.
. . . the Force isn’t the only thing that runs in your family.
. . . you call Hank Williams Jr. “master”.
. . . your landspeeder has a gun rack.
. . . you meditate to old CCR records.
. . . you call Yoda your Li’l green buddy.
. . . you have ever said, “Anger…Fear…Aggression…Yankees…the dark side are they.”
. . . your X-Wing has a still in it.
. . . your lightsaber has a beer can crusher in the base.
. . . there is more oil in your robes than in your astromech droid.
. . . your robes have the Golden Flour label on them.
. . . you trim your beard and find a Mylock.
. . . you have ever used a lightsaber to light the barbecue grill.
. . . you use Jawas for a drink holders.
. . . you fight with a lightsaber in one hand and a spit cup in the other.
. . . you use a Jedi mind trick to stop the beer truck.
. . . you use your Jedi healing powers to clear up your V.D.
. . . you think the best use of your lightsaber is picking your teeth.
. . . you ever lost a hand during a lightsaber fight because you had to spit.
. . . your Jedi robe is camouflage colored.
. . . at least one wing of your X-Wing is primer colored.
. . . you can easily describe the taste of an Ewok.
. . . you can find no grammatical errors in the way Yoda talks.
. . . you think Stormtroopers are just KKK members with really good sheets.
. . . you have ever used the Force in conjunction with fishing / bowling.
. . . your father has ever said to you, “Shoot, son, come on over t’ the dark side…it’ll be a hoot.”
. . . you have ever had your R2 unit use its arc welding torch to get the barbecue grill to light.
. . . you jump-start your lightsaber off a car battery.
. . . you beat the Gammorean Guard in an “ugly” contest.
. . . your father’s name is Garth Vader.
. . . you got your lightsaber by sending in 750 Skoal Lids.
. . . you have ever beaten up Han Solo for lookin’ at your sister.
. . . you constantly mistake R2 units for beer kegs.
. . . you count B.O. as a Jedi power.
. . . you have ever used a lightsaber to skin a deer.

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Garth Vader

June 19, 2007 at 11:51 am (Brody, Stress, Uncategorized)

Brody has taken an immediate liking to Star Wars.  I can totally see why, it’s action packed, there are no curse words, and there is Garth Vader.  For some reason, he thinks that’s his name and I don’t have the heart to tell him it’s Darth.  He also calls Yoda – Yoga and is on a first name basis with Luke Skywalker – affectionately calling him Luke.

Brody doesn’t know the numbers of the movies, he doesn’t need to.  He simply tells his daddy which movie he wants.  For example: “I want the movie where Luke is in Yoga’s hut by the water” and Michael knows exactly which movie that is.  Which is awesome, because I’d have no clue which movie that was and he’d be stuck watching #1.  I never really learned the names of Star Wars movies.  They are simply – # 1 through #6.  Even then, I have no clue of the plot.  In fact, when I watch the movies, it’s like I’m seeing it for the first time!  I like the movies but I simply do not have enough room in my brain or desire to remember the names.  As far as I’m concerned, they are all Star Wars. 

What I really love, though, is his passion for these movies that are 30 years old.  He would rather watch Star Wars than Power Rangers – which puts me in an awesome position.  I can now use the Star Wars movies as rewards or take them away as punishment. 

As predicted, I am now back in the power seat.  YA HOOOOOOO!!

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7 random facts about moi

June 19, 2007 at 11:33 am (Bored)

The very lovely and talented Mallory has tagged me for 7 random facts.  Never having been tagged before, this is quite exciting!  Now, for the 7 random facts:

  1. I am just starting my Bachelor of Science degree.  I’ve been out of school for 18 years – so this should be really exciting!  I don’t remember if I remember how to study.
  2. I love love love paper.  I have such a deep and undying affection for paper that even though I do all of my scrapbooking online – I still visit the scrapbooking stores and buy paper.  Secretly, of course, because it’s more fun that way.
  3. I am a salt-aholic (thanks dad).  I should be attending meetings.  Apparently when I was young, my mom said I wouldn’t eat food without salt on it, so they had to buy me a salt substitute. 
  4. I am extremely strong minded and tend to get my way.  (see #3)
  5. Although I cannot tan (my skin is as white as paper) and tend to burn, there is nothing I like more than laying on a beach all day.  Put your signs down and stop the protest, as I said “I cannot tan and tend to burn” so I do not do this anymore – but it’s still something I LOVE!
  6. My grandfather taught me to play Cribbage at age 5.  We always played for money because he felt you weren’t serious unless you had something to lost.  He used to cheat to win, but I ended up with the most money at the end of the day. 
  7. I took the MENSA Home test for IQ and scored well.  I ultimately decided not to join MENSA because I had nightmares that I attended a meeting, but as I was walking into the room all of the people were playing scrabble in Latin and I ended up eating all the food that was brought for the meeting.  This dream was recurring and frightening!

An extra fact:

 I have never won a game of scrabble.  And I don’t know much Latin.

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June 12, 2007 at 3:07 pm (Bored)

Last night Michael made himself some Cream of Mushroom soup.  I don’t know about you – but I’m really particular when it comes to soup.  Especially cream of mushroom.  I love C.O.M. soup, it makes me feel better if I’m sick, I love it on a winter day, I love it with crackers.  I do not, however, love it half cooked with lumps.  Which is exactly how he made it last night.  I won’t go into his process (which was completely wrong from all points) – but stirring a cream soup with a spoon to get lumps out was NOT the right way to tackle this particular soup.  

He cooked it in the microwave for approximately 2.5 minutes and ate it – lumps and all.  blech.

Thanks to him, I can’t even think about cream of mushroom soup.  What’s worse, is that he has probably made this soup for our children – no kidding they don’t like it!

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It’s just another manic Monday…

June 11, 2007 at 11:48 am (Family)

We spent the weekend running around, jetsetting off to several parties – because that’s how we roll.  Two graduation parties and a birthday party.  We also managed to hire a babysitter and see a movie!  I let Michael off easy by not being hungry – so he didn’t have to take me to dinner.  You’d think it was a cheap date – but between the movie tickets and obligatory “snacks” – we spent quite a bit. 

We saw Knocked Up.  Although I laughed, it was not as funny as promised.  However, I had a hard time getting over the pot smoking and cursing.  I’m no prude (anyone can attest to this) but I think that using the f word 1000 times in a 2 hour period is a little much.  It just takes away my enjoyment of a movie.  Especially since I’m used to Finding Nemo and A Bug’s Life. 

I spent most of yesterday laying on the couch.  I had acupuncture on Saturday for my sciatica and it takes a lot out of a girl.  That was in the morning, then I came home to get everyone ready for our afternoon of parties.  Straight after the parties, Michael and I went to a movie – not getting to bed until around 11:30.  I’m already exhausted because of my leg (it’s not working properly) and the acupuncture really knocked me on my butt.  So, Sunday was a complete write-off.  I wanted to be productive, but my stomach is now messing with me.  I especially loved how weepy I was and when my husband kindly mentioned how crappy I looked, I went over the edge.  I spent almost all day in the laying down position which made my head hurt.  You should have seen me, I was a total babe!  complete with hair in a pony tail and sweat pants. 

I feel better today but noticed that if I’m even slightly hungry, I start to feel woosey again.  I forgot to get some documents together for school, so my loving husband is going to bring me the documents and I’ll reward him with Murillo’s (mexican food at it’s finest).  I just hope he gets here soon – or I might have to eat something!

Of course, this ties in nicely (NOT) with the horrifying dream last night that I was pregnant and running a very large ranch.  I was solving the mystery of who turns the lights on at night.  It was riveting!  We had a large house and had several people staying over.  One was my Auntie Di and another was her son Lorne.  Now, for some reason my auntie was in the same bed as Brody, but Brody wouldn’t go to sleep.  He was fighting sleep and had managed to stay awake all night.  So she switched beds with me and I kept fighting with Brody that he had to sleep.  I woke up in a fright (which I don’t know why…).  Anyway, strange dream coupled with tummy and head aches.  blech.  I think I woke up frightened because I was pregnant in my dream. 

Acupuncture was awesome!  He’s a kind person with a lot of insight.  I always love how they start out the appointment, looking at my skin color, checking my pulse, looking at the color of my tongue and eyes.  My pulse is wirey, not too much purple under my tongue.   Not really sure what that means, but he didn’t seem too worried.  He was concerned with my pulse but figured it was due to the stress of my sciatica.  My reaction to acupuncture is Electric and a few times I felt like I was being shocked!  It was all good though.

Michael took the boys to Discovery Kingdom (Formerly Six Flags Marine World).  I went to pick them up and all the boys could do was complain that daddy wouldn’t take them to the shark show.  Nevermind that he took them to the park (by himself), bought them all sorts of junk food, played games (brody won a starfish), and rode rides… they still managed to find something to complain about.  Boy, they are just like their mother! 

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Odds and Ends

June 7, 2007 at 11:27 am (Bored, Work)

Well, my colleague at work has gone back to curling and hairspraying her hair.  The change was short lived.  As long as she’s happy, I’m happy.

Brody has started combing his hair every morning.  He says it’s because Miss Nida told him that in order to look handsome, he must comb his hair everyday.  I think it’s because Isabella (his preschool crush) likes his hair combed.  For a 4 year old, he certainly is very mature.  He told his dad the other day that he needs to get sketchers.  I never thought to ask Brody if he knew what sketchers were. 

Evan, on the other hand, has reverted back to wanting a baba.  We were cleaning out the garage and he managed to find one (i’m amazed!).  He demands it every night before bed.  Then, once in bed, I must find his baby blanket as well.  The other night he asked Michael to carry him to bed like a baby.  I’m not exactly sure what is going on, but I know that I cannot make a big deal out of it – that’s the first rule of motherhood.  I might do a bit of research today, to try and figure out what is going on.  He said in clear words “dada, I want my baba with milk in it for night night.”  groan

My sciatica is getting better.  I think that we are finally figuring out what is causing all the pain and have started treatment.  Thankfully, I have signed up with physical therapy and that has helped me tons!  I have an acupuncture appointment this saturday, in hopes that it will take away some of the inflammation surrounding my sciatic nerve.  My last day for meds is tomorrow (thank goodness!) and I intend to celebrate!  With eating!  For some reason, the meds I’m on have suppressed my appetite.  I hear that is unusual for this type of medication – but I would rather have my appetite suppressed than increased!  I also have some exercises that I can do by myself – which is very helpful. 

I have started creating lists of activities that I might be able to participate in, since so many activities have been taken away from me.  So far, the only ones approved are horseshoes, curling and competitive knitting.  Since I live in California and it is summer – I doubt I’ll be able to find a curling game.  Wish me luck!

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June 1, 2007 at 3:55 pm (Bored)

Are you afraid of change?  There is a woman in my office who is literally stuck in the 80’s.  She curls her hair everyday, loves 80’s music, remembers the 80’s as the best time of her life, still uses hairspray to keep hair UP.  You know the type.  I know it all too well, two of my close friends LOVE the 80’s.  Right down to the parachute pants.  It’s all good, I just try and be supportive when they are singing Duran Duran or Prince songs.

Anyway, she is making this year – her year of change.  She’s lost 33 lbs (and counting), she is getting rid of her useless husband and she just got her hair cut.  Her hair!!  The 80’s hair style with bangs and everything.  It looks amazing!  It took pounds off of her face and it makes her look younger. 

She doesn’t believe us, of course, she’s still itching to hairspray it and tease the roots.  She says it’s too flat and that it hangs on her face.  Which it did before…  but I guess it’s a different hanging.

I’m good with change.  In fact, I welcome change.  I love new processes – well I love anything new.  But I especially love revamping something old to make it bigger, better, faster.  I’m hoping that this new change in hairstyle will bring with it a lighter disposition and a brighter outlook.  Hair is funny that way.

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