June 1, 2007 at 3:55 pm (Bored)

Are you afraid of change?  There is a woman in my office who is literally stuck in the 80’s.  She curls her hair everyday, loves 80’s music, remembers the 80’s as the best time of her life, still uses hairspray to keep hair UP.  You know the type.  I know it all too well, two of my close friends LOVE the 80’s.  Right down to the parachute pants.  It’s all good, I just try and be supportive when they are singing Duran Duran or Prince songs.

Anyway, she is making this year – her year of change.  She’s lost 33 lbs (and counting), she is getting rid of her useless husband and she just got her hair cut.  Her hair!!  The 80’s hair style with bangs and everything.  It looks amazing!  It took pounds off of her face and it makes her look younger. 

She doesn’t believe us, of course, she’s still itching to hairspray it and tease the roots.  She says it’s too flat and that it hangs on her face.  Which it did before…  but I guess it’s a different hanging.

I’m good with change.  In fact, I welcome change.  I love new processes – well I love anything new.  But I especially love revamping something old to make it bigger, better, faster.  I’m hoping that this new change in hairstyle will bring with it a lighter disposition and a brighter outlook.  Hair is funny that way.



  1. malinthemiddle said,

    I do love 80s music–but I like all kinds of music, even my kids’ to some extent. I had the full-out 80’s hair– I used to spray Aqua-Net while blowing my hair straight up with a hair dryer! I also favored lovely purple eyeliner (I thought it made my eyes look greener.) That is awesome that your friend is willing to change–it is so easy to get stuck in a rut.

  2. siren said,

    I remember Aqua Net! I can’t remember which hair spray I used – maybe Salon Selectives? I do remember spraying my hair while blowing it dry. That was necessary to achieve THE look.

    I had blue eyeliner – because my eyes were blue and I wasn’t that good with colors! I grew up in the country – give me a break! I also had blue mascara. oooooh!

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