It’s just another manic Monday…

June 11, 2007 at 11:48 am (Family)

We spent the weekend running around, jetsetting off to several parties – because that’s how we roll.  Two graduation parties and a birthday party.  We also managed to hire a babysitter and see a movie!  I let Michael off easy by not being hungry – so he didn’t have to take me to dinner.  You’d think it was a cheap date – but between the movie tickets and obligatory “snacks” – we spent quite a bit. 

We saw Knocked Up.  Although I laughed, it was not as funny as promised.  However, I had a hard time getting over the pot smoking and cursing.  I’m no prude (anyone can attest to this) but I think that using the f word 1000 times in a 2 hour period is a little much.  It just takes away my enjoyment of a movie.  Especially since I’m used to Finding Nemo and A Bug’s Life. 

I spent most of yesterday laying on the couch.  I had acupuncture on Saturday for my sciatica and it takes a lot out of a girl.  That was in the morning, then I came home to get everyone ready for our afternoon of parties.  Straight after the parties, Michael and I went to a movie – not getting to bed until around 11:30.  I’m already exhausted because of my leg (it’s not working properly) and the acupuncture really knocked me on my butt.  So, Sunday was a complete write-off.  I wanted to be productive, but my stomach is now messing with me.  I especially loved how weepy I was and when my husband kindly mentioned how crappy I looked, I went over the edge.  I spent almost all day in the laying down position which made my head hurt.  You should have seen me, I was a total babe!  complete with hair in a pony tail and sweat pants. 

I feel better today but noticed that if I’m even slightly hungry, I start to feel woosey again.  I forgot to get some documents together for school, so my loving husband is going to bring me the documents and I’ll reward him with Murillo’s (mexican food at it’s finest).  I just hope he gets here soon – or I might have to eat something!

Of course, this ties in nicely (NOT) with the horrifying dream last night that I was pregnant and running a very large ranch.  I was solving the mystery of who turns the lights on at night.  It was riveting!  We had a large house and had several people staying over.  One was my Auntie Di and another was her son Lorne.  Now, for some reason my auntie was in the same bed as Brody, but Brody wouldn’t go to sleep.  He was fighting sleep and had managed to stay awake all night.  So she switched beds with me and I kept fighting with Brody that he had to sleep.  I woke up in a fright (which I don’t know why…).  Anyway, strange dream coupled with tummy and head aches.  blech.  I think I woke up frightened because I was pregnant in my dream. 

Acupuncture was awesome!  He’s a kind person with a lot of insight.  I always love how they start out the appointment, looking at my skin color, checking my pulse, looking at the color of my tongue and eyes.  My pulse is wirey, not too much purple under my tongue.   Not really sure what that means, but he didn’t seem too worried.  He was concerned with my pulse but figured it was due to the stress of my sciatica.  My reaction to acupuncture is Electric and a few times I felt like I was being shocked!  It was all good though.

Michael took the boys to Discovery Kingdom (Formerly Six Flags Marine World).  I went to pick them up and all the boys could do was complain that daddy wouldn’t take them to the shark show.  Nevermind that he took them to the park (by himself), bought them all sorts of junk food, played games (brody won a starfish), and rode rides… they still managed to find something to complain about.  Boy, they are just like their mother! 


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