June 12, 2007 at 3:07 pm (Bored)

Last night Michael made himself some Cream of Mushroom soup.  I don’t know about you – but I’m really particular when it comes to soup.  Especially cream of mushroom.  I love C.O.M. soup, it makes me feel better if I’m sick, I love it on a winter day, I love it with crackers.  I do not, however, love it half cooked with lumps.  Which is exactly how he made it last night.  I won’t go into his process (which was completely wrong from all points) – but stirring a cream soup with a spoon to get lumps out was NOT the right way to tackle this particular soup.  

He cooked it in the microwave for approximately 2.5 minutes and ate it – lumps and all.  blech.

Thanks to him, I can’t even think about cream of mushroom soup.  What’s worse, is that he has probably made this soup for our children – no kidding they don’t like it!



  1. malinthemiddle said,

    Part of me is mortified and part of me says, “At least he tries to cook!” The Prince was utterly useless around the house. (Actually, he still is!)

  2. malinthemiddle said,

    Tag! You’re it–seven random facts about you, please!

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