7 random facts about moi

June 19, 2007 at 11:33 am (Bored)

The very lovely and talented Mallory has tagged me for 7 random facts.  Never having been tagged before, this is quite exciting!  Now, for the 7 random facts:

  1. I am just starting my Bachelor of Science degree.  I’ve been out of school for 18 years – so this should be really exciting!  I don’t remember if I remember how to study.
  2. I love love love paper.  I have such a deep and undying affection for paper that even though I do all of my scrapbooking online – I still visit the scrapbooking stores and buy paper.  Secretly, of course, because it’s more fun that way.
  3. I am a salt-aholic (thanks dad).  I should be attending meetings.  Apparently when I was young, my mom said I wouldn’t eat food without salt on it, so they had to buy me a salt substitute. 
  4. I am extremely strong minded and tend to get my way.  (see #3)
  5. Although I cannot tan (my skin is as white as paper) and tend to burn, there is nothing I like more than laying on a beach all day.  Put your signs down and stop the protest, as I said “I cannot tan and tend to burn” so I do not do this anymore – but it’s still something I LOVE!
  6. My grandfather taught me to play Cribbage at age 5.  We always played for money because he felt you weren’t serious unless you had something to lost.  He used to cheat to win, but I ended up with the most money at the end of the day. 
  7. I took the MENSA Home test for IQ and scored well.  I ultimately decided not to join MENSA because I had nightmares that I attended a meeting, but as I was walking into the room all of the people were playing scrabble in Latin and I ended up eating all the food that was brought for the meeting.  This dream was recurring and frightening!

An extra fact:

 I have never won a game of scrabble.  And I don’t know much Latin.



  1. malinthemiddle said,

    Lovely? and Talented? Moi??? I pink puffy heart you! I knew you were MENSA material. I know what you mean–my kids were invited to go to this genius type school, and we visited and the kids there were distinctly…odd. My kids said they’d take a pass. I buy oodles of scrapbook stuff that I KNOW I will never have time for. It’s all so addictive. Great list!

  2. siren said,

    It was my first LIST! YAY! I bet that we could put all of our scrapbook stuff together, stick it in a storage shed and never even miss it! Why? you ask… well, because I’d probably force you to stop at a store on the way back! I crack me up!

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