The lovely Lake Berryessa

July 23, 2007 at 4:05 pm (Family)

Michael, the boys, and I spent the day at Lake Berryessa in Napa county yesterday.  It must have been around 100F degrees, the perfect day to spend at a lake.  Michael was feeling sporty and rented a jet-ski (so typical because he actually went to buy floaties for us but comes back with a huge jet-ski).  Brody fell in love!  We only had the thing for 2 hours and it was sooo fun!  Of course, now we want one!  However, it’s hard to justify buying a jet-ski (or two) at this point in time. 

Brody kept egging me on, telling me daddy took him on the jet ski faster.  So I revved up the engine and took off, smushing his beautiful little face into the front of it.  We had a great time and he didn’t complain – so no harm done.  Evan, on the other hand wasn’t so sure he liked the jet-ski.  He kept telling me to go slower.  He preferred 5 miles an hour rather than the 25 I was doing with Brody. 

Evan is that way though.  He prefers to float through life at a leisurely pace.  Brody prefers to scream through on a dirt bike at 80 miles an hour.

Needless to say, we are all hooked.  Hooked on the lake on a Sunday afternoon, hooked on the jet-ski, hooked on the absolute joyous family time that chores and housework do not allow, hooked on spending the weekend with each other.  It was a glorious day and next time we are bringing Sasha.  She’ll love it.  She might not like the drive up there (a long and winding road filled with several sharp turns), but the actual THERE will be amazing for her!

Michael and I have matching sunburns.  You know the spot on your lower back where you can’t reach to put sunblock on?  That spot that isn’t covered by your life jacket or swimsuit?  It’s a thin strip of skin about 1 1/2 inches tall by 5 inches wide.  Ya, that spot.  Also, my ankles are sunburned.  And the tops of my knees.  And the chubby part of my back, right where my arms meet it.  The rest of me is good though!  I actually have something of a tan, not just freckles mixed with red spots.  Oh and my nose is burned. 

What of this you ask? Well, we are definately staying away from the spray sunblock and going back to the old fashioned cream sunblock.  This way, I can get a good thick layer on and feel good about where I’ve applied it.  Like to my nose.  We are also getting a beach tent so that when the sun does get hot – we have a place to escape to.  Don’t worry, the boys aren’t burned – just their stupid parents. 

We are also going to try to spend more time at the lake.  I spent almost every summer at the lake and loved it!  I loved the freedom and entertainment it provided.  I’m sure my parents did too.  Michael enjoyed the non-stop snacks and sandwiches.  Brody and Evan loved the non-stop diet soda (they now make a diet orange).  Considering they rarely get soda (special occasions only) it was a special treat for them.  Sure soda has chemicals, but it didn’t have any sugar!  So, when bedtime came around – the boys actually went to bed.  They weren’t hopped up on sugar from 4 gallons of juice.  Brody did mention that his daddy let him have 4 sodas.  hmm.. I might have to put a lock on the cooler. 

We are getting a cooler that has wheels.  Without a doubt.  We are also getting a little wheeler so that we don’t have to make 4 trips to the car (that is the proverbial We as in Michael), we are getting proper carrying totes, and, most importantly, we are getting beach shoes that fit.  The day use area at Smittle Creek was all shale.  Sharp, pointy shale.  So beautiful – but killer on the feet.  You’d have thought Michael had the feet of a newborn the way he was jumping around and screaming.  ha – just kidding honey!  Love you!  (pssst not kidding – he screamed a lot!)

We are also getting some sort of music machine.  We haven’t decided what – but we really need something.  At least then, Brody could entertain us by singing songs and commercials off the radio, the call song from all radio stations, and well everything else that can be sung.  I love it when he sings the mattress discounters commercial.  Plus, who wants to listen to nature – when you can be rocking out? 



  1. marlee said,

    Glad to hear you had a great time!

  2. malinthemiddle said,

    Wow what a wonderful way to enjoy a day with your boys. I am sure you all made some wonderful memories to go with all the others you are giving them. p.s. keep renting the jet ski–its cheaper and you don’t have to store it.

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