A week in review

July 30, 2007 at 10:26 am (Bored)

Well, there is not much to review.  It’s a sad, boring existence.  But not if you are me – with homework assignments due almost every single evening.  🙂

We spent our Saturday checking out Jet Skis.  We went to a local dealer and Michael said it was too expensive, but I was so ready to sign the papers!  He is trying to talk me into a boat – but we’ll see.  I think we’ll wait.  After the Jet Skis, we attended a baby shower for Michael’s nephew.  They are having a baby girl and the anticipation is so great!  There is currently only 1 other granddaughter on his side, so having a baby girl is a huge event for us!  She isn’t even born yet and is already being spoiled by her grand and great grandparents.  This baby is number 2 for them and makes Michael and I “great” auntie and uncle for a second time.  Who knew I could be so young and be a great auntie! 

We spent Sunday at Lake Berryessa.  It is quickly becoming a ritual for us.  This time, we brought a shade tent and floatie’s!  We had a great time.  The boys are becoming so confident in the water, but I make sure they still have respect for the water.  I got sunburned again.  Which is really frustrating because I reapplied sunscreen twice!!  Plus, I wasn’t out in the sun that long.  Anyway, this is usual for me.  I get sunburned and then I’m tan after that and I usually don’t have to worry about burning again. 

Remember when we were kids?  Lathering on the baby oil and misting ourselves with water so that we could get a tan?  I couldn’t even imagine doing that now.  Plus, the sun wasn’t as brutal in Canada as it is here.  I searched for home remedies for sunburns and ended up wrapping milk soaked gauze around my legs.  Then I soaked in the bathtub with the Aveeno soothing baby mixture AND baking soda.  Today, the burn feels like a burn on day three, rather than a one day old burn.  I think I might be soaking myself again tonight.  It was quite luxurious, laying in a bath reading my book and eating pizza!  I’m having a tough day at work today, I blame clothes. 

We got home last night after the lake and Michael took care of the boys while I soaked.  I read my book, did my homework and we both passed out in bed at 9:53 exactly.  Today, I am starving – it’s almost like I haven’t eaten in two days!  It’s 10:30 and I’m eating my lunch!  I might have to go out for lunch so that I don’t starve! 

I am not sure I can make the gym tonight, I’m pretty sure sweat is NOT good for sunburns.


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  1. malinthemiddle said,

    Your week sounds pretty fun to me! Except the sunburn part. Ouchie!

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