Weekend in review

August 12, 2007 at 6:20 pm (Bored, Brody)

I have done about a million loads of laundry this weekend.  I may be slightly exaggerating, it might have only been 999,999 loads.  Regardless, the boys have clean underwear!  Huzzah!

We’ve had an interesting weekend.  The dog is acting weird and I can’t really figure out what is wrong with her. It’s not weird in a bad way – just not normal.  The boys are acting funny, not to mention Mommy and Daddy! hardy har har

Our nephew turned four and had his birthday party today. I skipped out to do homework, but instead I ended up at the library and farting around online.  I had 3 glorious hours to myself, Michael thinks I wasted them because I didn’t do my homework.  I know different.  I’m smarter.  HA!  I could actually do with a few more days off, I’m pooped and I’m completely dissatisfied with work.  What else is new right?

I promise not to talk about work, I just couldn’t bare to ruin this beautiful day with words about work.

We are currently watching Harry Potter, Brody is mesmerized!  At least I think he’s mesmerized – it could be a cake coma.


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