Life this week

August 16, 2007 at 3:54 pm (Bored)

I had a major weekend.  It all started with a trip to a psychic on Saturday.  I’m not new age, nor have I ever considered myself to be “stereotyped” into a certain group. I do not consider myself to be religious – but I am slightly spiritual (is ‘slightly’ allowed?).  When I say these words out loud, “I went to a psychic on saturday.  I was referred by my accupunturist.” I crack myself up.  Seriously, how could I not crack up? 

I had a very big problem with sciatica a few months ago.  It was the worst it’s ever been and actually required medication.  Of the narcotic kind.  Fun for everyone right?  For me, these pills made me feel like super woman.  I could do anything!  I was also on prednisone and that is some scary stuff!  Anyway, I’m getting to the point here…, I went to see a new guy – a trained accupunturist and we hit it off straight away.  Here was a guy who knew what he was doing.  The moment he put that needle into me – sparks started happening.  By sparks I mean, electric sparks from the needles.  I forgot what the needles felt like and for me (everyone is different) it’s like little electric sparks. 

After the second visit, my sciatica was nearly gone.  I had better feeling through my meridian lines and hadn’t felt as good in MONTHS.  However, in the spots that he was expecting some huge action – we weren’t getting any.  Nothing.  No feeling at all. So, he says to me “you really need to go see my spiritual healer.  she’s amazing. i went to see her and she told me the exact same stuff that my wife’s psychic told her.” I giggled at that because I don’t know many people who have one psychic, let along two.  I took her information and kept it in my wallet.  I’ve had her number since May.

Last Friday, I decided to call her. She called me back about an hour later and said she just got a cancellation and could I make it on Saturday at 11:30?  Sure, i said.  The time before the meeting was busy.  I took the boys to the library, we picked out books, we watched movies – but I kept myself busy.  I needed to so that I would stop freaking out about the appointment.  

I arrived at her house and was met by the warmest, nicest person.  She was lovely.  As soon as I walked into her “area” I could feel tears well up in my eyes.  I cried pretty much the whole time.  I won’t go into any major details but it was one of THE best experiences I’ve ever had in my entire life.  Ooh I’m getting goosepimples just thinking about it.  I will say that I have been inspired by this woman and THAT was well worth the money I paid to see her. 

This meeting shaped the rest of my week.  I am now the current owner of several new age books and have been reading Sylvia Brown (I am completely enthralled!).  I’ve taken out cd’s from the library on dreams and am now writing down all the dreams I have each night.  I am starting to feel significant again.  I haven’t felt this good since I was 20.  I feel alive.  I don’t feel like I can even describe how good I’m feeling. 


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