Thursday Thirteen – My first one!

August 30, 2007 at 12:45 pm (Weekend)

Okay, so I’m hoping for thirteen things on the same topic, but if not – I’m going to improvise.  The lovely Mallory encouraged me to make this list because I could not come up with topics for the blog. So, without futher adieu:

Thirteen things I will thoroughly enjoy while camping this weekend (in no particular order):

1.   Sunflower seeds.
2.   S’mores.
3.   Sleeping in a tent. (crazy right?)
4.   Swimming.
5.   Sand (I love the feel of it on my feet)
6.   Soft music by the campfire (let’s keep our fingers crossed that we can have a campfire).
7.   Silly games of Uno with good friends.
8.   Simple activities to keep my children occupied.
9.   Lazy afternoons reading a book.
10.  Not having to yell at the boys to get out of the street, get your shoes on, why didn’t you go pee in the toilet, where is your brother, why did you let the dog out the front door, turn the TV off, no you may not play Star Wars Lego, yes you have to eat your dinner.
11.  I won’t have to look at the pile of laundry that is nearly touching the ceiling in the garage and feel guilty for not doing it.
12.  The freedom.


1 Comment

  1. malinthemiddle said,

    Congrats on your first Thursday Thirteen! It was awesome. And no fair making me want to go camping! (I love everything about camping except the actual sleeping part. And the packing up all that crap for a short trip part.) I hope you had a wonderful time–it sure seems like you would!

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