Buggy’s first day

September 5, 2007 at 2:26 pm (Evan)

I had the pleasure of picking Evan up from his first official day of Montessori school yesterday. He’s getting to be such a big boy now. He was so excited to see me that he almost knocked me down when he ran into me.

We are lucky that he’s attending the same school as Brody, Evan tends to be a little shy. He’s not a quiet kid, but he prefers to play by himself rather than meet new people. With his big brother showing him the ropes, I’m hoping it will be easier for him to make new friends and break out of his shell.

I got a call from Cintia today, just wanting to know how Buggy was and if he was okay.  Funny, I expected the call yesterday. I promised her we’d stop by so that she can give him hugs. He’s such a likeable kid and women flock to him like you wouldn’t believe.  When he was a baby, I would take him to Safeway and little old ladies would follow us around gooing and ahhhing over him.  Cintia is the same way!

Needless to say, his first day went well. He will very quickly learn how school is and will adjust just fine. I had no concerns over school, I was more concerned about Cintia and her attachment to Evan. As he got in the car yesterday he said “school was fun momma, but I miss Cintia.” It brings tears doesn’t it?


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