September 5, 2007 at 2:00 pm (Michael, Weekend)

Along with swimming, s’more eating, dirt and a roaming dog – we ended up seeing quite a bit of “wildlife” while camping this past weekend.  We saw turkeys, foxes, deer, birds, lizards and something brushed against one of the hippie’s legs while swimming. 

Can you believe that we saw turkeys?  Michael spent two weekends sitting against a tree during the last turkey hunting season and didn’t even see one turkey, nevermind a whole rafter! Gobble gobble all day, taunting him – practically laughing in his face. Here he was without a stitch of mossy oak camo, no gun in sight, no special “seating pad /back pack duo” covered in the special mossy oak camo pattern, no hand warmer or face cover (same mossy oak pattern), thigh high boots (don’t ask), or jacket in site. It wasn’t just 1 rafter of turkeys, there were two or three.  Gobble gobble.  Brody even mastered the gobble and encouraged them into our campsite.  Don’t you love how I’m “up” on my turkey lingo?

Maybe next time, Michael should bring the palace and his four year old son when he goes turkey hunting.  He might catch something! Who needs a stinking turkey call – I got a four year old right here! I have warned, though, that if he does “catch” something – he must not rely upon me to “prepare” it. Even though I was raised around farmers, I am not interested in plucking or cleaning said turkey.  Besides, I get my turkeys frozen from the grocery store.

Me thinks word travels fast in the turkey community – they knew exactly where we would be.


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