Brody and Evan, the continuing saga

September 26, 2007 at 10:13 am (Brody, Evan)

We have been discussing Halloween costumes for about 3 weeks now. Brody is insisting on being Garth Vader with a lifesaver. Evan, well, he’ll be whatever Brody wants him to be.  Just kidding! He’ll probably be a storm trooper or something. Maybe Lou Skywalker?

I’m hesitating on ordering the costumes too early, because the same thing happens every year… Brody and Evan will beg to wear their costumes as soon as they arrive. I will resist, but their constant whining will wear me down. I will allow them to wear their costumes, they will destroy them somehow or will be bored with them by the time Halloween roles around. I will then be stuck either repairing said costumes, or getting new ones. I refuse to do this again! Then I’ll see their sweet little faces and give in completely.

Brody is becoming quite the little chef. He loves preparing breakfast for his little brother. Insists upon making eggs for Evan, even though Evan doesn’t like eggs yet. He loves putting toast or Eggos in the toaster. I always know when Brody has been “cooking” because the butter dish looks like snakes had been wrestling in it. He’s slowly learning how to do things like butter toast and put syrup on Eggos.

Evan, on the other hand, likes to reap the rewards of Brody learning to cook. He sits on the couch watching TV while Brody serves him breakfast. He’s no fool!

Speaking of Evan, his pronounciation has improved since he started school. He’s speaking less and less with Cintia’s accent! He still clings to his brother, but I am hoping as time goes by, he’ll begin to make his own friends.  He’s a shy kid who doesn’t really care if he’s got anyone to play with. I know that later in life, he’ll need these social skills to survive – so I’m trying to encourage him to make new friends. I envy his ability to play on his own.


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