Oh I’m still here… just barely

October 30, 2007 at 3:48 pm (Bored, Brody, Evan)

In between working full time, school, and children – I managed to scrape up some free time to clean my craft room. I should have taken before pictures, but my mother would have been horrified!! I decided to leave that horror for another day. The craft room used to be an office, a close friend once referred to it as “the room that always has the closed door” because it was that messy and I was so ashamed of it! We have since changed it into a craft room, a place for me to store my craft things. I also store books and an extra computer in this room.  Needless to say, it gets a little messy. I spent the evening cleaning it up – it truly amazes me how much yarn I have collected over the past 4 months.

I have yarn for socks, left over wool from my felting projects, cotton yarn (probably for socks)… let’s just say I organized a LOT of yarn.

I did something that is totally NOT me. I let the boys have some of my precious paper. I am a bit of a paper whore – I’ll admit it. I have always loved paper. I remember when I was little, my mom would bring home outdated insurance forms and I used to LOVE playing with the forms. I used to type on them and hand them out to my brother when we played school. I was always the teacher! She’d even bring home carbon paper – that was awesome!

Anyway, last night I let the boys create with my precious paper. I really do love them more than the paper, but I tend to be really particular with my things. Ask anyone. I’ve always taken care of my things (until they didn’t mean anything to me) and I don’t like people touching my stuff. Last night, I let the boys get their own paper out of the protective holders! Not only that, but I wasn’t stressed out about it at all!

Evan made this big gooey paper collage, it had so much Elmer’s Glue on it, that the glue wasn’t even dry this morning. Brody used foam letters to spell words, he is working really hard at writing. This morning, I went to retrieve Evan’s collage from the table and thanked my lucky stars that I had put down a protective cover – the paper was glued down tight!  Brody called Evan’s work of art a big mess – but I told Evan it was beautiful. To which he replied “thank you momma.” Then advised me to carry the paper with two hands. Good advice.

I’m going to try to get better at updating this blog – it seems that lately I’ve had writer’s block.


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My latest knitting project

October 16, 2007 at 11:21 am (Knitting)

As a stress release, I decided to take a knitting class. I already know how to knit – but sometimes it’s nice to sit in a room full of women who are knitting. Lots of ideas come up for discussion and I can actually forget about the long list of items that I need to take care of.

On Sunday, my friend Mary and I went to knit one one to learn to make this. This is where most knitters will now explain the yarn and where they got it. I, on the otherhand, am not that good at classifying yarn, learning the online store names and knowing the people behind the online yarn shop. I like to enter a store, figure out what I need, feel the yarn and go from there. I keep my needles in an old sugar container and have just recently started keeping the original packages for the needles (uh, i figured out that I would need to know the actual length of the circular needles for future projects).  Knitters usually gush about their needles, finding the most obscure needles from distant Asia, unusual stitch markers (I didn’t even know what these were used for!), and other accessories. I am just here to knit. I don’t care about accessories, my needles are stored tip down (ooh!) and I don’t have a special “carrier” for my knitting projects. I’m the oddball.  So my main color for this project is green (it’s a pretty green), the little dots will be blue and burnt orange and the handle will be a mixture of green and blue. I don’t know who makes it, it’s part wool and part Llama (just the fiber part). 

At this class Mary fit right in! She knew about authors of books, the magic loop, yarn, yarn dying…  she knew it all! When I knit with this group of women, I usually just bring my good looks and charm. I have no knowledge to share, no interesting knit facts – I usually just make them laugh. Mary even shared a pattern for a crochet I-cord! She promised people patterns and made good on that promise! I was awestruck!

After the class, I was treated to a look at Mary’s yarn collection. We both have the same problem in that we buy yarn for a certain project, something else will take away our attention and six months later – we are wondering why we bought 6 skeins of cotton in gum drop. (i made that up, i have no clue if there is a cotton yarn called gum drop – I’m grabbing at straws here people). Her room looked similar to my room, except hers had way more yarn! I just finished donating some of my yarn to this gal who makes hats for newborn babies at the hospital. Not only did I look at yarn, but Mary gave me about 52 tubes of lip gloss. She used to sell a certain “pink” makeup and decided to stop because she didn’t enjoy it. I got to reap the rewards! I have lip gloss in every color WITH a matching lip liner! Yarn AND Lip gloss!  My day was complete!

So far, I have finished more than half of this project. It knits up so quickly that I am thinking it will be a great holiday or birthday gift! Useful and home made! I’ll try to post pictures of the bag when it’s complete.

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October 16, 2007 at 10:19 am (Brody)

At 11:30 on Sunday night, Brody came into our room to announce that he was throwing up (just as he threw up on our carpet). Then he threw up on the way to the bathroom. He threw up in his bed, on himself, on his sheets, comforter – but somehow managed to miss the pillow! He’s not that familiar with throwing up. Evan, on the other hand, is a pro. He knows to go immediately to the toilet and do his business there. Brody gets scared and actually will try to fight the urge to throw up (as he’s throwing up).

I had to get the little step for him to sit on and encourage him to let all the yucky stuff come up, to not be afraid and do not fight the urge to throw up. The yucky stuff needs to come up.  Do not try to force it back down thereby choking on your own vomit! You are not stronger than the vomit – it will come OUT!

My poor baby didn’t sleep at all. I would JUST fall back to sleep and he’d start crying and heading for the toilet – there I was patting his back. He was scared and I don’t blame him! It’s scary when you throw up. Especially when you are a kid! He stayed home from school and his papa came to sit with him in the morning. I think that was a unique experience for both of them because they’ve never really spent any time together – just the two of them.

Brody feels better now, he ate last night and this morning. That kid is so skinny, he can’t afford to NOT eat – not only because of the potential weight loss but because of the dehydration. He’s so much like his Uncle Bob, skinny!  Fortunately, I’ve never had that problem!

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Halloween – You’re a treacherous wench

October 4, 2007 at 3:29 pm (Brody, Evan, Holidays)

Ah Halloween, how I have come to hate you with a deep fiery passion! I hate you more than okra (double blech).  It’s not even a real holiday, which we all know a real holiday includes a roasted turkey with mashed potatoes (and good god don’t forget the gravy).

There are several things that I do like about Halloween. I love giving out the candy to all the kids that stop by.  I love the excitement of rummaging through the pillow sack full of candies to see what everyone got. I love getting dressed up in a home made costume and taking on a completely different attitude.

 I absolutely cannot stand having to give candy to the 15 year old from down the street. (Well-known fact: Unless you are escorting little kids, you should not be trick or treating at 15. If you are escorting, you can have all the candy you want.) I also hate answering the door after our porch light is out. That is the universal sign that we are OUT of candy, or too busy eating the remaining candy while watching Soup on E!

My worst pet peeve… is having to buy the costume and having to buy it early.  Remember when we were kids? You made your costume. You sewed (or glued) for weeks! You searched drawers for the perfect button and modeled face paint for weeks! Kids nowadays! (prepare yourself for a “when I was your age” speech). I went as a table one year.. complete with table settings and a table cloth! Do you know how hard it was to ring the doorbell with your head stuck in a 5 foot (across) piece of cardboard? It was hard! My arms aren’t that long!

We went to Target last night to get a book for Brody’s Leap Pad. He loves that thing and I thought it was time for a NEW book (read: mommy can only take scooby doo for so long). We get to Target and of course while I’m there I might as well get cereal, sandwich bags, freezer bags, and storage zip loc bags. We get to the toy area and they have NO books. I was making my way out of the store (as quick as possible) and we had to walk right through the Halloween decorations.  Come on! Give me a break over here! I’ve got two kids that I successfully managed to get OUT of the toy department without an incident and now they expect me to make it through halloween decorations, costumes, AND candy?  Who do they think they are?

Both boys are with me and want to stop. We found Brody’s costume, but Evan wanted to be Spiderman – the only Spiderman costume they had was missing the hood. I know he won’t wear the hood, but what about the kid I pass it down to? Will they want the hood? Probably. Brody wanted to go as Garth Vader so of course, he’d need a lifesaver (not light saber). If Brody got a lifesaver, well, then Evan needs a lifesaver as well – because with two boys – one cannot be without something the other has. Even though Evan wasn’t going as a STAR WARS character, he still needed the lifesaver.

Brody decided on being a Clone Trooper. I had to call his dad to figure out if that deserved a red lifesaver or a blue lifesaver. He didn’t know either, but Brody wanted Garth’s lifesaver. Now comes the real issue… Brody will want to wear this costume everyday until Halloween. Then he’ll want a new costume for Halloween because he’ll have either wrecked his costume or lost all the “pieces” that come with it.

As we were walking IN to Target there was a 3 year old boy with his mom and he was walking out in a Spiderman costume. I know she goes through the same thing as I do. Comforting? Yes. Helpful? No.

We got home last night and I didn’t mention anything about the costume. It was in my plan all along to just forget that it even existed. In fact, the minute I walked in, I made sure that I started talking to Michael immediately and the focus was taken off of the costumes. The boys went to bed and those costumes went into hiding. They will stay in hiding until Halloween arrives and not a minute sooner!

Knowing Brody, he’ll break me down. He’ll work me until I’m mush and I’ll give in. Michael gives me 3 days tops.  

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Thursday Thirteen – Things I’m doing instead of blogging

October 4, 2007 at 2:32 pm (Thursday Thirteen)

  1. Homework – enough said. beh.
  2. Finally finishing the kitchen! It’s been unfinished for about 5 years.
  3. Laundry. Good god, does it ever stop. I swear that I will stop crying over the laundry.
  4. Trying to finish my final projects for school – ACK!
  5. Selling cookie dough for both of my sons’ school. I gotta give it up to the Girl Scouts.
  6. Fighting with my husband. Could he please just talk? GAWD!
  7. Wiping a snotty nose 10 billion times a day. Buggy is so sick… poor baby.
  8. Ebaying all of my scrapbooking supplies. I had major stuff stored away (since 2003) and forgot I even had it.
  9. Shipping all of the ebay items that sold (all of them… thank you very much!)
  10. Letting my library books go overdue. I’ve got like 4 of them… the librarians are going to start hunting me down.
  11. Work. We’ve officially entered the busy season.
  12. Cleaning the loft area of our garage. uh… it was gross up there!
  13. Picking out new lighting for the kitchen! YAY!

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