Halloween – You’re a treacherous wench

October 4, 2007 at 3:29 pm (Brody, Evan, Holidays)

Ah Halloween, how I have come to hate you with a deep fiery passion! I hate you more than okra (double blech).  It’s not even a real holiday, which we all know a real holiday includes a roasted turkey with mashed potatoes (and good god don’t forget the gravy).

There are several things that I do like about Halloween. I love giving out the candy to all the kids that stop by.  I love the excitement of rummaging through the pillow sack full of candies to see what everyone got. I love getting dressed up in a home made costume and taking on a completely different attitude.

 I absolutely cannot stand having to give candy to the 15 year old from down the street. (Well-known fact: Unless you are escorting little kids, you should not be trick or treating at 15. If you are escorting, you can have all the candy you want.) I also hate answering the door after our porch light is out. That is the universal sign that we are OUT of candy, or too busy eating the remaining candy while watching Soup on E!

My worst pet peeve… is having to buy the costume and having to buy it early.  Remember when we were kids? You made your costume. You sewed (or glued) for weeks! You searched drawers for the perfect button and modeled face paint for weeks! Kids nowadays! (prepare yourself for a “when I was your age” speech). I went as a table one year.. complete with table settings and a table cloth! Do you know how hard it was to ring the doorbell with your head stuck in a 5 foot (across) piece of cardboard? It was hard! My arms aren’t that long!

We went to Target last night to get a book for Brody’s Leap Pad. He loves that thing and I thought it was time for a NEW book (read: mommy can only take scooby doo for so long). We get to Target and of course while I’m there I might as well get cereal, sandwich bags, freezer bags, and storage zip loc bags. We get to the toy area and they have NO books. I was making my way out of the store (as quick as possible) and we had to walk right through the Halloween decorations.  Come on! Give me a break over here! I’ve got two kids that I successfully managed to get OUT of the toy department without an incident and now they expect me to make it through halloween decorations, costumes, AND candy?  Who do they think they are?

Both boys are with me and want to stop. We found Brody’s costume, but Evan wanted to be Spiderman – the only Spiderman costume they had was missing the hood. I know he won’t wear the hood, but what about the kid I pass it down to? Will they want the hood? Probably. Brody wanted to go as Garth Vader so of course, he’d need a lifesaver (not light saber). If Brody got a lifesaver, well, then Evan needs a lifesaver as well – because with two boys – one cannot be without something the other has. Even though Evan wasn’t going as a STAR WARS character, he still needed the lifesaver.

Brody decided on being a Clone Trooper. I had to call his dad to figure out if that deserved a red lifesaver or a blue lifesaver. He didn’t know either, but Brody wanted Garth’s lifesaver. Now comes the real issue… Brody will want to wear this costume everyday until Halloween. Then he’ll want a new costume for Halloween because he’ll have either wrecked his costume or lost all the “pieces” that come with it.

As we were walking IN to Target there was a 3 year old boy with his mom and he was walking out in a Spiderman costume. I know she goes through the same thing as I do. Comforting? Yes. Helpful? No.

We got home last night and I didn’t mention anything about the costume. It was in my plan all along to just forget that it even existed. In fact, the minute I walked in, I made sure that I started talking to Michael immediately and the focus was taken off of the costumes. The boys went to bed and those costumes went into hiding. They will stay in hiding until Halloween arrives and not a minute sooner!

Knowing Brody, he’ll break me down. He’ll work me until I’m mush and I’ll give in. Michael gives me 3 days tops.  


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  1. malinthemiddle said,

    Who sez Spiderman can’t have a lifesaver, too?! My kids always wanted to wear their costumes prior to Halloween too. But I always made their costumes so they were never finished till the last minute because I am the Procrastinatrix.

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