My latest knitting project

October 16, 2007 at 11:21 am (Knitting)

As a stress release, I decided to take a knitting class. I already know how to knit – but sometimes it’s nice to sit in a room full of women who are knitting. Lots of ideas come up for discussion and I can actually forget about the long list of items that I need to take care of.

On Sunday, my friend Mary and I went to knit one one to learn to make this. This is where most knitters will now explain the yarn and where they got it. I, on the otherhand, am not that good at classifying yarn, learning the online store names and knowing the people behind the online yarn shop. I like to enter a store, figure out what I need, feel the yarn and go from there. I keep my needles in an old sugar container and have just recently started keeping the original packages for the needles (uh, i figured out that I would need to know the actual length of the circular needles for future projects).  Knitters usually gush about their needles, finding the most obscure needles from distant Asia, unusual stitch markers (I didn’t even know what these were used for!), and other accessories. I am just here to knit. I don’t care about accessories, my needles are stored tip down (ooh!) and I don’t have a special “carrier” for my knitting projects. I’m the oddball.  So my main color for this project is green (it’s a pretty green), the little dots will be blue and burnt orange and the handle will be a mixture of green and blue. I don’t know who makes it, it’s part wool and part Llama (just the fiber part). 

At this class Mary fit right in! She knew about authors of books, the magic loop, yarn, yarn dying…  she knew it all! When I knit with this group of women, I usually just bring my good looks and charm. I have no knowledge to share, no interesting knit facts – I usually just make them laugh. Mary even shared a pattern for a crochet I-cord! She promised people patterns and made good on that promise! I was awestruck!

After the class, I was treated to a look at Mary’s yarn collection. We both have the same problem in that we buy yarn for a certain project, something else will take away our attention and six months later – we are wondering why we bought 6 skeins of cotton in gum drop. (i made that up, i have no clue if there is a cotton yarn called gum drop – I’m grabbing at straws here people). Her room looked similar to my room, except hers had way more yarn! I just finished donating some of my yarn to this gal who makes hats for newborn babies at the hospital. Not only did I look at yarn, but Mary gave me about 52 tubes of lip gloss. She used to sell a certain “pink” makeup and decided to stop because she didn’t enjoy it. I got to reap the rewards! I have lip gloss in every color WITH a matching lip liner! Yarn AND Lip gloss!  My day was complete!

So far, I have finished more than half of this project. It knits up so quickly that I am thinking it will be a great holiday or birthday gift! Useful and home made! I’ll try to post pictures of the bag when it’s complete.


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  1. malinthemiddle said,

    Go you! It is finally getting cool enough out that I can knit. I can’t knit when its hot. Go figure. Now if I could only find my needles…

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