October 16, 2007 at 10:19 am (Brody)

At 11:30 on Sunday night, Brody came into our room to announce that he was throwing up (just as he threw up on our carpet). Then he threw up on the way to the bathroom. He threw up in his bed, on himself, on his sheets, comforter – but somehow managed to miss the pillow! He’s not that familiar with throwing up. Evan, on the other hand, is a pro. He knows to go immediately to the toilet and do his business there. Brody gets scared and actually will try to fight the urge to throw up (as he’s throwing up).

I had to get the little step for him to sit on and encourage him to let all the yucky stuff come up, to not be afraid and do not fight the urge to throw up. The yucky stuff needs to come up.  Do not try to force it back down thereby choking on your own vomit! You are not stronger than the vomit – it will come OUT!

My poor baby didn’t sleep at all. I would JUST fall back to sleep and he’d start crying and heading for the toilet – there I was patting his back. He was scared and I don’t blame him! It’s scary when you throw up. Especially when you are a kid! He stayed home from school and his papa came to sit with him in the morning. I think that was a unique experience for both of them because they’ve never really spent any time together – just the two of them.

Brody feels better now, he ate last night and this morning. That kid is so skinny, he can’t afford to NOT eat – not only because of the potential weight loss but because of the dehydration. He’s so much like his Uncle Bob, skinny!  Fortunately, I’ve never had that problem!


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  1. Christina said,

    Gosh what a night! Im sorry he was so ill and sorry for you, cleaner of the carpet. Lastly, Im sorry for myself. Little Nathan will be that grown in about 20 minutes. Isnt it silly that Im already mourning the loss of the infant stage at 10 days old? heh!

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