A visit!

November 2, 2007 at 10:47 am (Parents)

Next week, my mom is flying in to visit and I have taken some vacation time so we can go shopping and spend time together. Usually when mom visits, Michael and I pack up the car as quickly as we can and drive off to any destination void of our children. This time, we’ve decided to actually visit WITH my mom and not use her as the babysitter while we drink and sleep in.

 Currently, the Canadian dollar is worth more than the American dollar, so we’ll shop – but she’s totally buying! I told her if I drive she needs to pay for my clothes! HA!  As if.

I know that if she buys the clothes, she’ll start doing the things she used to do when she was in charge of my clothes (circa 1984). I’ll have to let her in the change room. She’ll measure to see if my bra fits correctly. Then she’ll ask me to do a deep knee bend to make sure my pants aren’t too tight. She’ll probably comment on how the jeans make my butt look. That’s how she rolls.

I doubt I’ll be able to drag her to any yarn shops, but we will be hitting every Ross or Marshall’s store between here and Sacramento. There is a huge Ross store in Woodland, it’s calling my name.  We are going to go to Sacramento because that city reminds me of my hometown! Plus, they have a Nordstrom Rack there! 

I’m also going to introduce her to the new babies in the family. Because there is only one thing that we like more than Ross stores and that’s babies! We especially love shopping for babies (see how we combine activities?) I will still have homework due that week, so we can’t get too crazy.  Well, maybe just a little bit.


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