Christmas Luncheon from Hell

November 16, 2007 at 12:40 pm (Work)

I just got back to work after a few days off. I tell ya… I can barely stand to be back here! I want to be at home, organizing and planning supper. I was hit with a few bombs once I got back. Thank goodness for email.

The first bomb was that my former boss, a micromanaging egomaniac got a huge promotion. One that she completely did not deserve. It was so shocking that my teammate actually called me at home to gab and guffaw about this major decision.  If there was ever a person who DID NOT deserve a promotion – it was this one. (Names left out to protect the underachieving)

The second bomb was that my teammate and I were left out of an invitation to a holiday luncheon. It’s a luncheon that we have always attended. The whole team from the other facilities all get together and share a lunch during the holidays. What makes it worse is that no one even had the nerve to tell us straight up. We found out in a back handed manner. My TM (teammate) happened to speak to someone who did get an invitation and they said “see you at the luncheon!” To which she replied “which luncheon?” We then found out that we weren’t invited. Of course, we probed further and the explanation was “well, we started cutting people out and then all of a sudden your names were off the list!”  I don’t give a crap about the luncheon. I care that none of these people, my so-called friends, did not even stand up and say “ooh this isn’t right, it’s a holiday luncheon we should come together as a group.”

Not only that, but no one told us outright. They just let it fall to the ground and leave us wondering. I am so furious about this.  I am trying not to let it put me in a bad mood – I keep thinking “Only 4 more hours until margaritas.” and pizza.  Because I am so NOT cooking tonight.

I don’t even want to go to their stupid party. Stupid people. bah.


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