‘Tis the season? But why??

November 27, 2007 at 11:03 am (Bored, Holidays)

Man, I am in a mood lately. It’s actually a combination of several moods. I am bored out of my mind. I am anticipating the holidays which leaves me with a sense of impending doom. I am stressed out. To the max. yo.

I am trying to get several items knitted before Christmas, I have promised two pairs of slippers this week (it’s for a good cause). Then I have two more pairs for my neice and nephew in Canada – which means I’ll need to head to the yarn shop. I have all colors of wool, except PINK. Any self respecting three year old girl needs pink slippers. With fuzzy stuff. I love knitting for Harper – it’s so much fun!  Plus, I want to make the girls (Briana, Grace, Bridget, and Harper) these cute little leggings. They are adorable! I do love shopping for yarn and finished projects are awesome too.

 Anyway, although I love knitting – I set myself up for the impossible and then stress out completely. Last year, I was going to make 9 felted fish for our neices and nephews. I did 3. See what I mean?

For some reason, I find myself bored out of my skull. I have tons to do (trust me) so why am I bored? I have no clue.  I can’t even muster up an idea for dinner!  Michael will ask me about dinner and I’ll sit staring off into space, with drool coming out of my mouth.

I’m not going to go on about the holidays, we all know how much I dread them. While I was growing up, I was sick every Christmas. Usually throwing up or in bed with the WORST tummy ache. I am a mommy now and I’m excited for the boys, I just don’t know why I dread the holidays as much as I do. sigh.  We have decided that we are keeping things super simple this year. The boys are getting 2 presents from us and 1 from Santa. I won’t buy clothes for Christmas, I hated it – I don’t expect my children to like it either. But I will stuff their stockings with stockings and underwear.  It’s a tradition!

Michael and I are not exchanging gifts. We live in the times that if you want something – you just go get it. I’d rather he get us something that we need for the house. Like a new TV! We took the plunge and added an extra TV. I don’t need to watch cartoons all evening anymore! I can actually watch an adult show… like the news! Anyone who knows me knows I don’t watch the news – but it’s important to have options! We love the TV, it’s taken away so much drama from our family! Anyway, I might stuff Michael’s stocking with something – but he reads this… so maybe I won’t!

Whatever is going on, I just want it to be over! I’m tired of feeling this dread. bah


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