Today’s forecast: Stuffy noses with no chance of hearing

December 31, 2007 at 10:07 am (Bored, Evan)

Well, it’s finally happened. We are all sick at home! I think this is the first time where all four of us are sick at the same time. Usually, one gets sick – then passes it along. I like getting it all out of the way at the same time. The only problem is that there is no one to take care of us!

Evan had a fever for 5 days. On the last day I thought “should I call the doctor?” Then he woke up and the fever was gone. We’ve had an uneventful holiday week, I stayed home and took care of Evan. I accomplished none of the items on my to-do list. I was going to organize my craft room. I was going to clean the house from top to bottom. I was going to wash the floors! Instead, I read “The Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follett the whole time! Oops.

It’s hard to get motivated to do anything with a sick boy always requesting that I sit by him on the couch and stroke his face while he watches cartoons. I did manage to do some knitting. We put the christmas tree away (sort of) yesterday. We hauled a cord of wood from the front of the house. I weeded the side garden. All the while listening to Evan cry from the couch because I wasn’t sitting right beside him. Stroking his face.

Let’s just say that it’s nice to be back at work.

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Evan and his birthday money

December 17, 2007 at 12:33 pm (Evan)

Evan’s birthday is next month, but his grandma sent his birthday money early. I took Brody to the store with the circle and the dot yesterday so that he could spend his birthday money (that boy is just like his grandfather – he NEEDED to spend every last penny). Evan, who does everything his brother does, also picked out a few things. I let him spend half of the money so that he’d have something to spend for his actual birthday.

He is a boy of simple tastes. We went to the dollar section and he bought a book and two little wooden toys. Then, we got to the lego aisle and opposite of the lego’s are little tiny toys called Tamogotchi. I’m not exactly sure what these are, but they are sooooo super cute! It’s a little tiny guy and he hangs from a lanyard (with a safety release) and he’s adorable! I actually went back to get one for myself! He also bought one of those play microphones that amplifies your voice by “magic” according to Evan. He spent all of last night singing the Barney song. It’s a cute song and he loves the words. I’m pleased that he is starting to sing. Evan doesn’t really sing at all, so hopefully this microphone will encourage that. We watched Mr. Bean’s Holiday the other day, so he sang “they call me mr. boombastic” over and over and over again. Just those words… not the actual song. It was very cute!

He even took the microphone to sleep with him. It’s amazing how much joy a two dollar toy can give a boy.

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The new bike and other Brody things.

December 17, 2007 at 12:14 pm (Brody)

Brody got a new bike for his birthday. He got his first “new bike” induced black eye yesterday. He doesn’t quite have the grasp of riding a bigger bike yet and since he’s not feeling well, I’m sure his balance and coordination are off. I am not sure what happened, but he came running in the house yesterday and started blubbering (literally) about his bike and how he was trying to get on it…  that was the last I heard.

You know when you are sick or hurt you can sort of keep it together – then you see your mom and lose it? That’s exactly what he did. (I do the same thing so he comes by it honestly.) As soon as I wrapped my arms around him, the tear gates opened and tears were streaming down his little face. 😦 Luckily, we have replaced Mr. Happy  after a terrible squeezing accident and Brody was content to watch cartoons with Mr. Happy on his face to take down the swelling. I think that Brody thinks he is too old for Mr. Happy, I know he feels he is too mature for Mr. Happy. But seriously, how can you resist Mr. Happy and his magical healing powers? I’ve even used Mr. Happy for a few boo-boos.

This morning, Brody’s face wasn’t swollen but he had a big gash on his cheek.  It was especially disturbing because Michael and I just installed a new rule in our house.  Basically, we are becoming the meanest parents in the whole world and will probably rot in hell. If our children want to whine and complain about their dinner and not eat it, they will be getting that meal (the exact same meal) for breakfast the next morning. Brody was the first to test the rule and it proved to be brutal! If they fail to eat it at breakfast, they will be served that meal at lunchtime.

Brody refused to eat his dinner last night. No, it was not liver and onions. We had roast chicken, potatoes and carrots. It was delicious but he and Evan refused to eat it. I finally cajoled Evan into eating it (he’ll eat anything if I feed him) but Brody stood strong. He went to bed without supper and was then served that meal again this morning. By the end of the morning, it looked like Brody wasn’t going to eat it. I gave him the “so, I guess you’ll die speech” and his daddy got his lunchbox ready with the uneaten breakfast. After all was said and done Brody ended up eating his supper for breakfast and was rewarded with cheese and crackers AND a salami sandwich for lunch. Complete with a juice box. We aren’t total assholes.

However, I hope that he learned a lesson in all of this mess. Food is precious and a lot of effort goes into preparing healthy dishes. Also, his mommy does not take kindly to mean words about a meal – especially one involving a roasting pan and a chicken! I made lemon squares yesterday (can you say Heaven?) and chocolate chip cookies; then I roasted a chicken – all this and christmas shopping too!  Only to have both of my children not even take a bite and tell me how yucky their dinner is and that they aren’t eating it.  ah motherhood, sometimes it’s a pile of shit plopped on your head.

Speaking of shopping… how come no one told me to avoid the store with the circle and the dot on a Sunday before Christmas???  Who is to blame? The toy aisles were jam packed full of parents fighting over the last Star Wars lego death star. There were children running all over the place, carts jammed up blocking the aisle. It was crazy! I have a whole trunk full of toys though. Only 1 each for my children with a few stocking stuffers. Their grandmother (my mom) went crazy and bought them hot wheels race tracks. I was wrapping one of the boxes and it actually said “unfolds to over 6 feet of racing track!” I almost put it back in the mail and sent it to her. I don’t have 6 feet of free space in our tiny cave… nevermind 6 feet for a racing track! I broke down and bought the boys the right cars for each track (have you seen the hot wheels aisle lately? It’s almost as bad as the Barbie aisle!) Brody got the 5 pack of mustangs (of course) and Evan got the crash cars. I also bought them the official holder of hot wheels cars because you don’t know pain until you’ve stepped on a car AND a lego piece in the middle of the night!

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Brody’s birthday

December 17, 2007 at 10:55 am (Brody)

It was Brody’s birthday this past weekend. He turned 5!!!  I’d add more exclamation marks, but I think there are some punctuation and grammar issues with that. He got sick at school on Thursday and stayed home on Friday in a fever induced fit of male sickness. Come Saturday afternoon he did not even feel like seeing anyone. I had to force him to eat his dinner and he did not even try his cake! Who doesn’t eat their cake on their birthday?  A crazy person? An insane person? Nope… my five year old.

We did have a nice time. He had two friends over and they played at the park. We got him a bike and it is slightly too big for him, but I know he’ll grow into it. He got lego from the friends and that worked out really well! He loves lego and stayed up with his daddy building some sort of star wars ship. Michael said he didn’t do anything except “supervise” in case there was an issue.

I cannot believe my little baby is 5 already. Everyone said it would happen, that they would grow up so fast. I actually cried on Saturday night because he is such a big boy now. Pretty soon he’ll be asking me to borrow the car because he’s got a date. gag.

Now, we just have to get passed Christmas and my social anxiety can go back to zero. Maybe after Evan’s birthday. Leave it to me to have children who were born 13 months apart – right around the major holidays. I swear, there must be a lesson in all of this… I just can’t figure out what it is.

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