Brody’s birthday

December 17, 2007 at 10:55 am (Brody)

It was Brody’s birthday this past weekend. He turned 5!!!  I’d add more exclamation marks, but I think there are some punctuation and grammar issues with that. He got sick at school on Thursday and stayed home on Friday in a fever induced fit of male sickness. Come Saturday afternoon he did not even feel like seeing anyone. I had to force him to eat his dinner and he did not even try his cake! Who doesn’t eat their cake on their birthday?  A crazy person? An insane person? Nope… my five year old.

We did have a nice time. He had two friends over and they played at the park. We got him a bike and it is slightly too big for him, but I know he’ll grow into it. He got lego from the friends and that worked out really well! He loves lego and stayed up with his daddy building some sort of star wars ship. Michael said he didn’t do anything except “supervise” in case there was an issue.

I cannot believe my little baby is 5 already. Everyone said it would happen, that they would grow up so fast. I actually cried on Saturday night because he is such a big boy now. Pretty soon he’ll be asking me to borrow the car because he’s got a date. gag.

Now, we just have to get passed Christmas and my social anxiety can go back to zero. Maybe after Evan’s birthday. Leave it to me to have children who were born 13 months apart – right around the major holidays. I swear, there must be a lesson in all of this… I just can’t figure out what it is.


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