Evan and his birthday money

December 17, 2007 at 12:33 pm (Evan)

Evan’s birthday is next month, but his grandma sent his birthday money early. I took Brody to the store with the circle and the dot yesterday so that he could spend his birthday money (that boy is just like his grandfather – he NEEDED to spend every last penny). Evan, who does everything his brother does, also picked out a few things. I let him spend half of the money so that he’d have something to spend for his actual birthday.

He is a boy of simple tastes. We went to the dollar section and he bought a book and two little wooden toys. Then, we got to the lego aisle and opposite of the lego’s are little tiny toys called Tamogotchi. I’m not exactly sure what these are, but they are sooooo super cute! It’s a little tiny guy and he hangs from a lanyard (with a safety release) and he’s adorable! I actually went back to get one for myself! He also bought one of those play microphones that amplifies your voice by “magic” according to Evan. He spent all of last night singing the Barney song. It’s a cute song and he loves the words. I’m pleased that he is starting to sing. Evan doesn’t really sing at all, so hopefully this microphone will encourage that. We watched Mr. Bean’s Holiday the other day, so he sang “they call me mr. boombastic” over and over and over again. Just those words… not the actual song. It was very cute!

He even took the microphone to sleep with him. It’s amazing how much joy a two dollar toy can give a boy.


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