Weekend? We had one? hmm… I must have missed it

January 28, 2008 at 2:24 pm (Blog 365, Weekend)

Never before has time flown so quickly. Not even during “Back to the Future.” Before I knew what hit me, it was Monday morning and I was kicking myself for all the crap I didn’t have time to do.

It didn’t help that I spent almost all day yesterday doing stupid dumb homework. I know it will be worth it, but sacrificing right now is killing me. Deep down, I knew that going back to school would be difficult. It has stressed me out, it affects my children and my relationship with Michael. It affects how clean my house is. Pretty much everything.

I have two killer classes right now; a core business class and an elective ethics class. The elective class is really killing me! This is a class that I chose to take and I should not be forced to write 1000 word papers every single week! It’s not right. whine whine whine

We also took our nephew for the weekend while his parents are at the hospital with his baby sister. She had heart surgery and everything is going great. She’s doing really well and should be coming home soon. We spent Saturday night at the hippies house eating these really delicious, but very fattening chicken wings. The boys had a great time and so did Michael and I.

I can’t believe it’s monday already. I’m going to try to stop whining for today. Wish me luck!


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Luckiest Girl in the World!

January 27, 2008 at 5:33 pm (Blog 365, Bored)

My wish was granted this weekend. Our old dishwasher broke down and we were FORCED to buy a new one. On one hand, I am soooo happy for the new dishwasher. On the other hand… how sad is it that I don’t have a life at all and the highlight of my day is buying a new dishwasher. sigh

I admit, the breakdown couldn’t have happened at a worse time. Michael and I are trying to get our finances in order. We’ve had a few years of unwavering spending and having to shell out a couple hundred bucks on an appliance was not in the cards. However, we managed to score quite the deal! It just so happened that we wanted a particular dishwasher, it was on sale, and was the last one in stock. We saved over $200 on an amazing dishwasher.

A dishwasher that holds more dishes than the old one. A dishwasher that is so quiet we can’t even tell if it’s on. Of course, I had to call my mom about this. From this point on we will call her “The Woman with the loudest dishwasher on earth. It might even be adding to my father’s hearing loss” or “twwtldoeimebatmfhl” for short. So I called twwtldoeimebatmfhl with absolute giddiness when we first started the dishwasher. I pressed the phone up against the machine and asked if she could hear it. Of course, she couldn’t. Not even a high-powered microphone could pick up the sounds (or NO sounds) coming from the dishwasher.

Of course, twwtldoeimebatmfhl was completely jealous. Of course I called her because I’ve been at her house when her dishwasher was running and we had to shout to hear ourselves talk. 😀 Besides, twwtldoeimebatmfhl is such a smartie-pants and is always full of great and awesome advice. I needed something! I will always stand in her shadow, gratefully of course, because she’s got amazing advice. But for right now, for this very moment, I have the quietest dishwasher on the face of the planet.

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January 25, 2008 at 9:43 am (Blog 365, Bored, Melodie)

We are coming close to the time of the year when most Canadians start their hibernation. You will see less people out at night, more people wrapped in blankets by a fire. You will also notice a slight weight gain of about 5 – 7 lbs. Children will sleep longer and snack more during the day. Mommy’s and Daddy’s everywhere are tucking their little ones in early and heading off to bed by 9:00 pm. It’s great.

I had not really noticed this pattern while I was in Canada, but I notice it now that I’m away. It’s something you really have to think about, meaning it’s not obvious. It was obvious to me that energy levels usually died down around January / February – but everyone was doing it.

I realized last night that I am in hibernation mode. I come home from work and head straight to my bedroom. Our bedroom has become quite cozy in the past few months. Against all advice we added a TV.  I could not be more happy about this decision! I no longer have to watch The Speed network, the hunting network, the men’s channel or cartoons. It’s awesome! I can watch Martha Stewart, or cooking, or home decorating – all while dressed in my pjammies and wrapped in my cozy blankets.

I had big plans for this month. I was going to organize the house, get rid of piles and piles of paper, finish all the laundry completely (and I mean completely), organize the toys in the boys room, clean the house from top to bottom… want to guess at what I’ve done so far? Ya, I didn’t think so.

I have great intentions! I have tons of energy during the day (while I’m at work)! I have the tools needed to complete these tasks. I just can’t seem to get my butt in gear. I’m hibernating! I don’t mind so much… I have actually stopped feeling guilty about laying in bed when there is laundry to do. I had to physically stop myself from getting up, allowing myself to remain comfy and cozy without any guilt. For the first time since I became a mom, I was completely and utterly lazy. It was awesome!

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um… thursday?

January 24, 2008 at 8:51 am (Blog 365, Bored)

I swear, coming up with a title for the blog entry is a lot harder than writing the actual blog.

So I’m getting my hair done today. I just recently had 12.5 inches of hair cut off and it was invigorating! I love my new sassy hair, but I am still working out all the kinks that come with a completely new and different hair style. You know the kinks… 

When I first got my hair cut, I had a hard time blowing it dry because I couldn’t get my round brush underneath my hair in the back. I’ve finally figured that out. Then I had an issue with my hair looking like a grease slick all the time. I figured that out. Then my hair was too poofy. Figured that out.  Just in time to get it cut all over again! Yahoo.

Actually, I’m looking forward to my hair cut today. I’m going to have it colored and cut, plus I totally love my hairdresser and all the gossipy gossip that goes with her… and she gives me wine during my appointment!  Wine!  It’s almost like going out for dinner with your friends! We sit and gossip, she does my hair, wine is consumed and I leave feeling pretty and refreshed! It’s the best!

Ok, so Michael is going hunting tomorrow (I think). I don’t know what it is with men and guns and killing stuff. I know most guys aren’t like this, because I did date and have a life before I got married. I just don’t get it. When we were at the snow this past weekend he actually showed me a picture of a revolver and said “this would be a great gun for you!” As I looked up from my knitting… I mean come on… how long has he been married to me? Why would he think I’d even want a gun? If I can’t resolve things with a sharp knitting needle to the eye, I go for the throat… Regardless, he’s going out to lie in a puddle of water and try to shoot birds. It’s such a man thing.

Anyway, I’ll be at home with the boys this weekend. I’m trying to line up a multitude of crafts so that they don’t drive me completely insane. I figure we’ll have a total relaxing, watch movies, make some stuff, and eat pizza kind of weekend. I’m picturing us in our PJammies all weekend. I bought them pjammies with feet in them… and am jealous!

I read in the Martha Stewart magazine that her mom used to make her cotton flannel pjammies that were extra long so she could wrap her feet up in them. OMG! What could be more perfect? I almost thought about making myself a blanket sleeper. You know the kind they put on little babies? I could sew on some mittens! It would be great!

It is supposed to rain all weekend with the temps maxing out in the 40’s. I need to remind Michael to stock up the dry wood in the garage, because we are having a fire all weekend long! And then I will ask him to think of us, all snug as a bug in our pjammies with feet in front of a roaring fire while he’s lying in a pool of water waiting for ducks to fly. Baa haaa

Seriously, I hope he has fun. He needs it.

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Crazy Dreams

January 22, 2008 at 10:47 am (Dreams)

So my dreams lately have been crazy!  Last night was a horrifying tale of me wanting to have another baby. Seriously. I cannot even imagine having another baby. Nor being pregnant with one! The last two killed my body – having a third would be the end of me.

I love kids… but I love older kids. The babies are great and beautiful and wonderful… but I’m done with poopy diapers. In fact, all diapers are gone from our house. So are the pull-ups. G.O.N.E.

Regardless, in my dream, I sat Michael down and told him how desperately I wanted another baby. That it was the right decision for our family. HA

The other night I dreamed that I had the curliest of curly hair. Spirals. But short. It felt like curly wig hair. I went to a party with my girl Anastasia (this is where the dream becomes recurring because I’ve had this dream several times before). She helped me do my hair because she has naturally curly hair and I had no clue what to do. By the time all was said and done… my hair looked BIG. Like Diana Ross in the 70’s big. BIG. But I had a great time at the party! Who can beat that?

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GPA update

January 22, 2008 at 9:01 am (School)

I got my final grades on my COM220 class (research writing.. blech). I got 95% in the class and only missed a couple of points on my final paper. The professor made excellent comments on my paper and really helped me to see what was excellent versus what was just good.

I am thinking more and more about writing these days. I am not sure if I can make it as an actual writer but I might play around a little more. I have finally figured out how to write an effective outline – which will help anyone to write. Also, I write this blog. Believe it or not, it has really improved my writing. I have committed myself to this blog and have improved some of my skills. I am better at describing situations and better at telling stories. Of course, I still have my off days – but overall, I know I am writing better than I was last year at the same time.

Thank god for my amazing spelling skills! Ha.

Anyway, the ol’ GPA moved up to 3.87 – quite a feat I’m told. Michael knew this guy in high school that had a perfect 4.0 and I couldn’t imagine the stress this caused him. I couldn’t imagine getting perfect grades for every single assignment. I have enough stress in my life, I don’t need to add more by having perfect grades.

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Weekend Update!

January 22, 2008 at 8:53 am (Brody, Evan, Family, Friends, Weekend)

Oh man, we had an amazing weekend! We took the boys to the snow and had a celebration for Evan’s birthday. We were multi-tasking. 

I can’t believe Evan is 4! It doesn’t seem like yesterday since he was born… but he seems so….  big. He still wants me to do lots of things for him, but he loves to do things “his own self.” He likes when I help him get dressed, but I think this is out of sheer laziness. Plus, he really loves his momma. 🙂

Anyway, back to the weekend shenanigans!  We had an amazing time with the hippies. We relaxed, we went sledding, we played pool, we played cards, I baked a cake (OMG! it was amazing), we ate and ate and ate… I ate so much this weekend that I am still full. Both the children and the adults played nice – so it was good!

We went to Big Trees State Park and enjoyed the giant sequoias. I have uploaded photos to my flickr account, so if you have access – head on over to look at pretty pictures. I ended up carrying Evan for a long long time because “him legs were tired.” I can totally understand that because my legs were tired. The trails were covered in hard packed snow, so you really had to watch where you were going. We took pictures of the boys at the trail markers, Evan at the 4 and Brody and Gavin at the 5. They are super cute pictures! As with all hiking, Michael had the time of his life. He wore shorts for goodness sakes! I’m betting he won’t do that again because his boots were rubbing and irritating his leg.

This weekend really motivated us to eliminate some things from our lives. We no longer need to have STUFF. Stuff is killing us and cluttering our home. It has motivated us to eliminate our debt and maybe think about taking more weekend trips. Being away from the house and responsibilities was good for our family, good for our friendship with the hippies, and good for our relationship. 

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An unfortunate miscommunication

January 17, 2008 at 1:56 pm (Blog 365, Evan)

My poor little buggy. He misunderstood me when I told him we were going to the snow for the weekend. He thought we were going to Canada to see his grandparents – not to some dumb snow hill containing NO grandparents! I didn’t really realize this until this morning when he told me how excited he was to show Riley his batman costume. He’d been talking about what he wanted to take to the snow all week. Cards, puzzles, costumes. I assumed he knew where we were going. My poor baby.

He cried for 20 minutes when I told him we weren’t going to Canada, that it was just a big snow hill and we were going to go sledding. He was soo sad! His heart was completely broken. At first, I wasn’t going to tell my mom, because hearing stuff like this rips her heart out. I couldn’t bare to break two hearts in one day!  After exchanging a couple emails with her today I broke down and told her. Which was silly because I totally could have used that information for my evil plans. Like guilting her into coming down. Forcing her to then guilt my father into visiting as well. I think I’ll phone him on the way home and break his heart too. Maybe this wasn’t so silly…  to be continued!

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January 16, 2008 at 3:29 pm (Blog 365, Bored)

Let me tell you, coming up with a post when you don’t really have anything to say is painful. So I shall tell you all about my fabulous purchase!

We are going to a friend’s cabin this weekend. That cabin happens to be located in an area with snow… Californians call it “going to the snow.” So we are going to the snow this weekend. Remember all the fun you had in the snow when you were a kid (depending on where you grew up)? Well, I am determined to enjoy the snow that much this weekend!

I remember that my brother and I would get Kra-zee carpets and tie them to the back of a ski-doo. Was this how I broke his nose? I can’t remember if it was a tobaggon or a kra-zee carpet. Anyhooo… we used to have a blast! You can’t buy Kra-zee carpets down here, so I bought them torpedos!

These things are amazing! They have handles! Good handles! They have a very slippery surface on the bottom and I was assured that my boys (and possibly mommy or daddy) would be able to hurtle down the hill at breakneck speeds! Assured that we would pass land speed records! It was hinted at that we might even suffer windburn from travelling so fast!  They are light too, I didn’t want to have to lug the damn tobaggen (tobaggon? tobaggan?) up the hill – because everyone knows when kids go sledding the adult gets roped into pulling the “sled” back up the hill 8 million times.

I bought new snow boots. I can’t say enough about the boots. They have a zipper up the back because I didn’t want to have to tie laces with mittens on (i was using my brain). They are ultra light too! I remember the old days (uh-oh here we go) when the boots weighed about a million pounds (no exaggeration) and didn’t do what they were supposed to do. No winter grip, no insulation, just big and clunky. I could probably tap dance in these boots.

I shouldn’t have any problem keeping warm. I am Canadian for goodness sakes! I’ve been layering on my winter fat for 8 months now! My good sense has prevailed!

Honestly, I am really looking forward to this weekend. We will be celebrating Evan’s birthday at the snow – celebrating with the pound cake we are all addicted to. Not sure what we are getting our little Buggy – but he’s not too picky. If I was a better mother I’d have made him socks or something. Bah… so over rated!!

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Winter Break

January 15, 2008 at 2:43 pm (School)

The winter break for school is now over and I’m back to being crazy busy! I was getting used to not having anything to do except knit. Now, I’ve got three chapters to read and homework to post – TONIGHT. Blech. Good bye kids, hope you remember what mommy looks like. She loves you!!!!

My poor husband. He has been so supportive of me attending school, supportive of the household, supportive of the laundry (sort of). I just don’t know if I can do this. I know I have to continue, because it’s important to me. But I’m wondering how school is affecting my children.

The boys don’t understand the concept of homework. They don’t know how to concentrate on anything, they don’t understand why mommy has the door locked. They can barely keep quiet in a movie theatre – never mind at home. I don’t want them thinking their mommy isn’t available for them whenever they need her.

I’m wondering how these next nine weeks will go. From what I’ve seen so far, these courses are going to kick my butt. The facilitators are very serious (both men by the way) and seem like they are expecting greatness from us. Of course, I can deliver – but at what cost?  Will my children remember me? At least, if it were summer, I could do homework outside while they play. It’s pretty difficult in the winter. Mind you, I’ve heard it’s going to be about 70 degrees on Friday.  Speaking of Friday, I will be doing my homework from the lovely Lake Tahoe (or vicinity) this weekend. Jealous?  You totally should be!

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