Guitar Lessons have begun!

January 4, 2008 at 8:55 am (Brody)

Last night was Brody’s first guitar lesson. He’s always been interested in guitars and the people playing them. I tivo’d a John Mayer concert for him and Brody loves to watch him play. We’ve also watched an Austin City Limits of Stevie Ray Vaughan that Brody loves as well.

We arrived at the music school and had to wait our turn. Brody was very anxious to get started. There was a guy playing a guitar behind the counter and Brody was so drawn to him – just watching him play. The guy was really great and spoke to Brody, said words like “cool” and “awesome.” He spoke to Brody like an adult. It was great!

Brody’s teacher (or should I say “our” teacher) is Tom. He’s a great guy. Very patient. Not high strung and let Brody strum when the feeling hit. Brody’s guitar wasn’t acceptable to learn on so Tom let Brody play the “plug in” guitar. It was plugged in and really loud! It was really big and heavy – so Brody didn’t go crazy, but he really enjoyed it. He was more interested in strumming rather than putting his fingers on the strings – but that is something we are working with. I have been there, those strings are very very tough and making your little fingers push them hurts. A lot. That’s why I stopped learning from my dad.

We focused on learning what notes the strings were while open. We learned what the guitar pieces were called and we learned all about frets. Brody had questions about the guitar, like what all the knobs and switches did (uh.. leave the volume alone!). It’s good that I’m sitting in on the lessons because I can bring that information home and help Brody practice. Brody brought his guitar books to school today for share day. 🙂 He’s very excited!

I know that he’s got a real knack for music. You can tell when you are sitting in the car with him and he’s singing all the words to the latest country song at the top of his lungs! He usually knows the words before Michael and I; he requests songs by the lyrics and Michael usually has to call me and ask which song it is.

He comes from a long line of musicians. I used my christmas gift certificates to buy him a half size classical guitar from Amazon – we are now fully committed.


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