Stay Home Day

January 6, 2008 at 8:00 pm (Blog 365, Bored)

Man, I am done with winter. We’ve had crappy weather all weekend and the boys have been driving me crazy! They spent a few minutes (mere minutes) outside playing in the water – but otherwise have been inside – driving me crazy. I can’t help but repeat myself, but I’ve been driven crazy.

Today is my last day of freedom, school starts back up tomorrow and it’s my final week of this class. On the 14th I start two new classes and I’m kind of done with it. Ya know? I mean, it’s taken away all of my free time – it interrupts my family time. I know a degree is worth all the sacrifices, but I’m not sure I can do this for the next 3.5 years. Yikes.

Did I mention the boys are driving me crazy? I’ve had a long day; laundry, cleaning, supper, grocery shopping, and the boys are currently jumping from the ottoman to the couch. I made a bang up supper, crunchy pork chops, risotto and Lolly’s pound cake for dessert. Unfortunately, the pound cake didn’t cook all the way through, so we all sat down with the cake in the pan and ate our hearts out.

Brody said I need to make that cake everyday, little does he know that the cake would last longer had we all not pigged out. I’ll regret pigging out tomorrow when I step on the scale, but man was it worth it! My thanks to the hippies for that recipe. The actual recipe is about 100 years old and just as fattening and delicious as the day it was written. Yum.


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