And the winner is…

January 7, 2008 at 2:36 pm (Blog 365, Brody, Evan)

PINK EYE!  Yahoo!

I love my children, even more than I love myself, but this is the last straw! Not only do they bring home bad words, now they are bringing home viral infections! (Brody said ASS all weekend long).

My eye feels like I have had my contacts in for about 24 days straight. It is burning like the fires of a 1000 suns. It’s red and irritated and completely attactive! I’m a total hot babe today. Plus, I’ve got this stomach thing happening – so i’m not the most pleasant smelling person to be around. Of course, everyone at work equates Pink Eye with the plague – so I’ve been very lonely today.

I was just reminded of what I need to now throw out because it has become infected with the pink eye virus. My eye makeup, my contacts, my contact holder, all eyedrops and solutions. This would include the 2 brand new mascara’s that I just bought! grrr

The good news is that I’m not wearing eye makeup to work and I actually feel fantastic! No one has commented on the makeup, but I have received a lot of “eew what happened to your eye?” comments. Harumph.

There is one good thing about pink eye – I am completely off cooking detail! Of course, with Michael cooking, we are all probably going to have heart attacks this week. Well, we’ll see. Tonight we are having frozen ravioli with jarred pasta sauce. I might be eating premade salads for the rest of the week!  Oooh and the best part, is that I’m extremely contagious for the next 7-10 days! YAHOO



  1. Mogos Mom said,

    Man – Pink Eye sucks. Hot wash cloth over the eyes will help with the headache caused by little one saying Ass all the time and will make your eyeballs feel a little better too. Feel better soon and wash your hands!

    Hooray for the Husband cooking!

  2. kimberlily said,

    I had the same kind of comments after my laser eye surgery a few years ago. No pinkeye here though, thank goodness. I don’t envy you!

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