What a weekend!

January 14, 2008 at 12:47 pm (Blog 365, Bored, Brody, Evan, School, Weekend)

I had a final paper due for school this past weekend. As expected, I was firmly attached to my laptop for a good portion of that time. I did get to spend some awesome time with Buggy while his daddy and brother went to the outdoor sportsman show. Buggy doesn’t like walking as much as he likes carrying, so I agreed to let him stay home (while I worked on my paper). It went well, except for him saying to me “momma, you are taking a long time” every 5 minutes.

I wrapped up my paper on Sunday morning and spent the afternoon, at the mall, by myself! Man oh man that felt good!! I walked around looking at anything I wanted to, I stopped in stores that looked interesting, I didn’t go into any children’s stores, I got to look at hair gel for half an hour!  Half an hour!!

I wasn’t going to buy any hair products or lipgloss, but the pull was greater than gravity. I ended up with some much needed gel, some hairspray and some sticky hair stuff for the boys. They often want me to put their hair into a mohawk and I don’t have the product to make it stay.

Brody has two black(ish) eyes today. He bumped his head at the exact same spot on Friday night, then again on Sunday. He also bumped the other side of his head on Sunday as well. Good thing his teachers know us well, they might have called child services.


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