An unfortunate miscommunication

January 17, 2008 at 1:56 pm (Blog 365, Evan)

My poor little buggy. He misunderstood me when I told him we were going to the snow for the weekend. He thought we were going to Canada to see his grandparents – not to some dumb snow hill containing NO grandparents! I didn’t really realize this until this morning when he told me how excited he was to show Riley his batman costume. He’d been talking about what he wanted to take to the snow all week. Cards, puzzles, costumes. I assumed he knew where we were going. My poor baby.

He cried for 20 minutes when I told him we weren’t going to Canada, that it was just a big snow hill and we were going to go sledding. He was soo sad! His heart was completely broken. At first, I wasn’t going to tell my mom, because hearing stuff like this rips her heart out. I couldn’t bare to break two hearts in one day!  After exchanging a couple emails with her today I broke down and told her. Which was silly because I totally could have used that information for my evil plans. Like guilting her into coming down. Forcing her to then guilt my father into visiting as well. I think I’ll phone him on the way home and break his heart too. Maybe this wasn’t so silly…  to be continued!


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