Crazy Dreams

January 22, 2008 at 10:47 am (Dreams)

So my dreams lately have been crazy!  Last night was a horrifying tale of me wanting to have another baby. Seriously. I cannot even imagine having another baby. Nor being pregnant with one! The last two killed my body – having a third would be the end of me.

I love kids… but I love older kids. The babies are great and beautiful and wonderful… but I’m done with poopy diapers. In fact, all diapers are gone from our house. So are the pull-ups. G.O.N.E.

Regardless, in my dream, I sat Michael down and told him how desperately I wanted another baby. That it was the right decision for our family. HA

The other night I dreamed that I had the curliest of curly hair. Spirals. But short. It felt like curly wig hair. I went to a party with my girl Anastasia (this is where the dream becomes recurring because I’ve had this dream several times before). She helped me do my hair because she has naturally curly hair and I had no clue what to do. By the time all was said and done… my hair looked BIG. Like Diana Ross in the 70’s big. BIG. But I had a great time at the party! Who can beat that?


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