Weekend Update!

January 22, 2008 at 8:53 am (Brody, Evan, Family, Friends, Weekend)

Oh man, we had an amazing weekend! We took the boys to the snow and had a celebration for Evan’s birthday. We were multi-tasking. 

I can’t believe Evan is 4! It doesn’t seem like yesterday since he was born… but he seems so….  big. He still wants me to do lots of things for him, but he loves to do things “his own self.” He likes when I help him get dressed, but I think this is out of sheer laziness. Plus, he really loves his momma. 🙂

Anyway, back to the weekend shenanigans!  We had an amazing time with the hippies. We relaxed, we went sledding, we played pool, we played cards, I baked a cake (OMG! it was amazing), we ate and ate and ate… I ate so much this weekend that I am still full. Both the children and the adults played nice – so it was good!

We went to Big Trees State Park and enjoyed the giant sequoias. I have uploaded photos to my flickr account, so if you have access – head on over to look at pretty pictures. I ended up carrying Evan for a long long time because “him legs were tired.” I can totally understand that because my legs were tired. The trails were covered in hard packed snow, so you really had to watch where you were going. We took pictures of the boys at the trail markers, Evan at the 4 and Brody and Gavin at the 5. They are super cute pictures! As with all hiking, Michael had the time of his life. He wore shorts for goodness sakes! I’m betting he won’t do that again because his boots were rubbing and irritating his leg.

This weekend really motivated us to eliminate some things from our lives. We no longer need to have STUFF. Stuff is killing us and cluttering our home. It has motivated us to eliminate our debt and maybe think about taking more weekend trips. Being away from the house and responsibilities was good for our family, good for our friendship with the hippies, and good for our relationship. 


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