um… thursday?

January 24, 2008 at 8:51 am (Blog 365, Bored)

I swear, coming up with a title for the blog entry is a lot harder than writing the actual blog.

So I’m getting my hair done today. I just recently had 12.5 inches of hair cut off and it was invigorating! I love my new sassy hair, but I am still working out all the kinks that come with a completely new and different hair style. You know the kinks… 

When I first got my hair cut, I had a hard time blowing it dry because I couldn’t get my round brush underneath my hair in the back. I’ve finally figured that out. Then I had an issue with my hair looking like a grease slick all the time. I figured that out. Then my hair was too poofy. Figured that out.  Just in time to get it cut all over again! Yahoo.

Actually, I’m looking forward to my hair cut today. I’m going to have it colored and cut, plus I totally love my hairdresser and all the gossipy gossip that goes with her… and she gives me wine during my appointment!  Wine!  It’s almost like going out for dinner with your friends! We sit and gossip, she does my hair, wine is consumed and I leave feeling pretty and refreshed! It’s the best!

Ok, so Michael is going hunting tomorrow (I think). I don’t know what it is with men and guns and killing stuff. I know most guys aren’t like this, because I did date and have a life before I got married. I just don’t get it. When we were at the snow this past weekend he actually showed me a picture of a revolver and said “this would be a great gun for you!” As I looked up from my knitting… I mean come on… how long has he been married to me? Why would he think I’d even want a gun? If I can’t resolve things with a sharp knitting needle to the eye, I go for the throat… Regardless, he’s going out to lie in a puddle of water and try to shoot birds. It’s such a man thing.

Anyway, I’ll be at home with the boys this weekend. I’m trying to line up a multitude of crafts so that they don’t drive me completely insane. I figure we’ll have a total relaxing, watch movies, make some stuff, and eat pizza kind of weekend. I’m picturing us in our PJammies all weekend. I bought them pjammies with feet in them… and am jealous!

I read in the Martha Stewart magazine that her mom used to make her cotton flannel pjammies that were extra long so she could wrap her feet up in them. OMG! What could be more perfect? I almost thought about making myself a blanket sleeper. You know the kind they put on little babies? I could sew on some mittens! It would be great!

It is supposed to rain all weekend with the temps maxing out in the 40’s. I need to remind Michael to stock up the dry wood in the garage, because we are having a fire all weekend long! And then I will ask him to think of us, all snug as a bug in our pjammies with feet in front of a roaring fire while he’s lying in a pool of water waiting for ducks to fly. Baa haaa

Seriously, I hope he has fun. He needs it.


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  1. Bev said,

    My boyfriend does the dunk hunting thing, too, but it is almost entirely because it makes his dad happy to go hunting with him.

    But I think there is an element to it that has the same appeal as meditation – despite the shooting and killing aspect, I think it can be relaxing. You sit still, you focus your brain on watching the sky, and there is nothing else. This is all second hand knowledge, I’m not a hunter.

    And some guys just like to stomp around in the muck and shoot things for the testosterone rush. But I don’t think Mike falls into that category.

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