Score!!!! A lenghty tale of success at the thrift store!

February 4, 2008 at 1:37 pm (Family, Weekend)

I just love going to thrift stores! The boys stayed at the Hippies house for a sleep over on Saturday night. We were supposed to go to a friend’s Bon Voyage party but I had a splitting headache. I couldn’t have imagined loud music and yelling. We ended up seeing a movie and enjoying a nice dinner. Just the two of us!  On Sunday morning, with nothing to do (after a leisurely breakfast) … I decided to spend some time thrifting. I don’t go often, only when the mood hits me. I started out at our local thrift store, just browsing around. I ended up with a flowery shower curtain. I love our current curtain, but adding this new curtain overtop of the existing curtain really really pretty’s up the bathroom. In a house full of boys, I need all the pretty I can get.

I tried to get some food storage bags but the lady wouldn’t sell them to me. It seems the store was having a big sale this week, so people go in early and hide stuff they want to buy during the sale. Apparently, she hid the machine – but not the bags. Crazy right? I thought it was. Anyway, I headed off to Goodwill.

I do love Goodwill. Things are clean, orderly, grouped by colors. I found a pair of rubber boots for one of the boys (who ever fits em – gets em). Sasha chewed the other pair into a million tiny little pieces. I also bought a case for our Leappad learning system.  I scored a very old copy of Gone with the Wind. I have wanted to read this book for a long time. I ended up borrowing it from a co-worker (it was her beloved copy) and subsequently lost it. Almost as soon as I brought it into my house – it was lost. I ended up finding it a few months later but still… she vowed never to lend me another book. With good reason too.  Now I have my own copy. The book is interesting because each page is two columns… sort of like the bible. Interesting indeed. I also bought the boys a pair of rugged type hiking shoes (who ever fits em – gets em).

I brought all of my treasures up to the counter to pay and just happened to notice a brand new Leapster (unopened and still in the box) in the locked section of the counter. There are literally 5 people in the whole store, including me, the cashier and the woman in front of me (who was getting her items processed). Yet, I could feel my anxiety start to rise. Brody has been talking about the Leapster for weeks… non-stop. He wanted one so badly.  I look at the price tag… $15.99. New. In the box. Unopened. I start to look around, not wanting to draw attention to the leapster until I could get to the cashier. I was next in line… there’s nothing to worry about. It’s mine. It’s in the bag. I continue to watch the other patrons…. not wanting to risk losing the leapster.  The cashier is still ringing up the lady in front of me… she’s got about 50 items. I’m getting restless. My blood is pumping… must have leapster for ridiculously low low price.

She finished paying. She left. I swoop in and tell the cashier “I want the leapster.” My heart is still beating quickly and I’m giddy with delight. I ask in a nonchalant manner… “does it look like it has been opened?” The cashier says “This is brand new, in the box, never been opened.” Inside, my heart does the dance of joy. I pay very quickly… because I feel like I am breaking the rules (I don’t know which rules… just THE rules). These leapster are around $60.00 in the store!!

I make a break for my car, but cannot resist calling Michael. I casually mention this lovely BMW I see in the car lot beside Goodwill (it’s beautiful)… then, unable to resist any longer immediately break in to my story of TRIUMPH!  I started with the “I got the boys a pair of rubber boots!!!” (yes, I was that excited… I used three exclamation marks). I found a case for the Leappad… yes it holds the books and cartridges too. I bought Gone with the wind! I’m so happy.  Then, the piece du resistance (picture french accents where needed) – the highly coveted Leapster. Guaranteed to delight the hearts of both children… guaranteed to keep them occupied for minutes… even hours! Guaranteed to cause fighting if either boy goes over their allotted time frame. Michael was as delighted as I was!  With just cause! He’s heard the whining and begging twice as much as me – he drives them to school in the morning! That’s an extra hour per day of begging.

The leapster didn’t come with any cartridges… which are about $20 each. It does come with some pre-loaded activities… but that’s not fun! We’ll see about the cartridges. I have a feeling those will be awarded for good behavior.  I scored!


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